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An Overview of Ogio Golf Bags

When it comes to club and equipment storage, Ogio golf bags have recently become one of the most popular choices. Here's what the company has to offer.

There are a few essential pieces of equipment that a golfer requires to enjoy the sport. A good quality golf carry bag is one of these and there are a number of manufacturers that produce this type of golf equipment. Ogio is one of these and they produce a range of bags for both men and women. For golfers looking for stylish and practical equipment, Ogio golf bags are an option to consider.

About Ogio

Ogio is a relative newcomer to the bag market and they produce a variety of styles. The company typically unites their designers with top athletes to produce good quality gear for a number of sports. This includes Ogio golf bags, with both standard club carrying bags and golf travel bags available, and these are designed with a range of useful and practical features to make them a good choice for a golfer to consider.

Men’s Golf Bags

Ogio Golf bags for men come in 13 different styles and these range in price from around $150 to $300. For those that are looking for the most affordable option the Wire is a bag to consider and this retails for around $150. If you are interested in a lightweight bag which can be easier to carry, the Ultralite range can be a good choice. This includes 4 different styles, ranging from the Helios at $160 to the Assassin at $220. The top of the line of the Ogio men’s collection is the Staff which comes in at a price of $300. Depending on the style of bag chosen, there are a number of innovative features to be found, and this can include stand legs for resting the bag in an upright position, full length club dividers, zippered pockets for storing equipment, Velcro attachment strip to hold a golf glove, zipperless ball pockets, and water bottle holders. The bags in the range provide a good variety of choice, and come in a number of attractive styles and colors meaning that most men should be able to find an Ogio bag to suit their needs.

Women’s Golf Bags

Ogio’s range of golf bags for women include four different options. The most affordable option is the Featherlite at $145, with the Vixen costing $170, the Diva retailing for $180 and the top of the range Shadow coming in at a cost of $195. These typically include many of the innovative features that are designed into the men’s bag and they also come in a range of attractive styles and colors. They are typically lightweight to make them easier to carry and provide a decent range of choice for women in the market for a golf bag.

Golf Travel Bags

Golf travel bags are useful for those that like to take golf vacations and need a way to protect their clubs in transit. The Ogio range of golf travel bags includes 4 different options, which are sized to accommodate a golfers clubs and carry bag, and these range in price from around $140 for the Straight Jacket bag to $330 for the Mammoth travel bag. These are typically wheeled to make them easier to move around even when fully loaded and, depending on the bag selected, can include features such as a padded top to provide good protection, removable shoe pocket and outer zipped pockets for small equipment storage.

Where to Buy

For those looking to purchase Ogio golf bags, they can be found for sale at the Ogio website, which also doubles as an online store. This has their entire range available for purchase. Ogio bags can also be found at a number of other online retailers, with some of the stores that have a range of Ogio carry and travel bags for sale including Golf Bag Warehouse and Golf Bag Place.

Most golfers want to look stylish on the golf course and this typically means having a good looking carry bag. However, they will also want practical equipment which does the job well and for those in the market for a carry bag, Ogio golf bags are an option to consider. They come in a variety of attractive styles and are equipped with innovative features to help a player keep their golf equipment well stored and easy to hand.

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