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An Overview of Sun Mountain Golf Carts

Sun Mountain golf carts are one of the better choices one can make. Here's a look at the company and its most popular models.

Many people choose to use a cart to help them make their way around a golf course and for individuals looking to purchase a push cart for carrying their clubs there are a variety of manufacturers to consider. Sun Mountain is one of these, and they produce a variety of golfing equipment. Sun Mountain golf carts are a part of this and these come in a few different styles.


Sun Mountain has been in the business of making golf equipment for a number of years, and they are known for producing innovative products. They make golf equipment in a few categories with carts being one of these, and the others including golf bags, outerwear and a few smaller accessories. The company is based in Missoula, Montana, although their products are sold in many retail locations around the country. The company website has a retail locator, which is the simplest way in which to find the nearest supplier in your area. There are three different styles of Sun Mountain golf carts and the company also makes a few accessories for these.

Micro Cart

The Sun Mountain Micro Cart is a four wheel push cart, with the handle designed to enable easy two handed pushing. The cart has four wheels, providing it with a relatively low center of gravity and the wheels have solid foam, no-maintenance tires. This provides the cart with excellent stability, no matter the terrain. It has adjustable smart brackets which hold a golf bag in place in an upright position to make it easy to take out and replace clubs with the minimum of effort. The cart also has a storage pouch for equipment, and an accessories panel includes features such as tee, ball and pencil holder, as well as drinks holder and padded valuables tray. When not is use the cart can be folded down, making it easy to store and transport, and it usually retails in the region of around $180

Speed Cart V1

The Speed Cart V1 was the first of the Sun Mountain golf carts, and this three wheeled push model includes a range of innovative features to assist on the golf course. The three wheeled design makes it easy to control, and the ergonomically designed handle can be adjusted to a range of positions to suit the needs of the user. Large diameter, solid foam tires mean there is no chance of a puncture on the course and the folding design makes it easy to fit in the trunk of a car. Other features included on the cart include holders for equipment such as pens, scorecards, tees and balls. An umbrella holder enables an open umbrella to be held in position to keep you and your equipment dry during wet weather. The Speed Cart V1 typically retails for around $200.

Speed Cart V2

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart V2 is a deluxe version of the speed cart style. It includes all the features of the V1 model, with a few added improvements. This includes a heavy duty frame for added durability, a larger handle to make it more comfortable to grip and a mesh basket for the easy storage of larger items such as outerwear. The cart also has an improved frame shape, which is designed to provide added stability on the course, and a larger accessories panel is included to enable more equipment to be easily stored on the cart. The Speed Cart V2 model typically retails in the region of $240.


There are a few accessories produced for Sun Mountain golf carts, which are designed to make life a little easier on the course. Spring-loaded cart seats are available for the V1 and V2 Speed Cart models. These are designed to insert into a wheel fixture and provide a place for a golfer to rest while waiting to play a shot. There is also a cover for the Speed Cart models, which can be used when transporting or storing the cart. Other accessories include a Cool Paq for storing drinks on a cart and a Speed Paq designed for carrying additional equipment.

For golfers looking for a little assistance in getting their clubs and equipment around the course, Sun Mountain golf carts can be a good choice. The models they have available are designed to make it easy to get clubs around 18 holes with the minimum of effort and include a range of features to help with this. Sun Mountain is therefore a company to consider when looking into purchasing a golf cart.

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