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Are Srixon Golf Balls The Right Choice For You?

Srixon golf balls don't get the attention that other brands do, but there are many things to like about them. Here's a closer look.

If you’re new to golf something that you’re going to find is keeping up on all the new technology and items that are going to be on the market can be pretty hard.  Whether you’re talking balls, clubs or anything else of the like, there are just so many options out there you can feel pretty lost pretty quickly.  That’s why when you come up against a brand you may not have heard of before, like Srixon golf balls, you want to know everything about them, so you can get a handle on whether or not they are the right choice for you.

Basically, what you’re going to find when it comes to Srixon golf balls is that they can offer you something a bit different than maybe what you’ve found with other balls.  But they are of a great quality, and can ensure that you get tour type performance if you have the handicap to back up your ability.  But it is all in making sure you buy the right sort, which means there are some standards that you have to keep in mind.

1) Picking your style of ball.

This is really important for starters, because Srixon golf balls feature three different distinct styles that can provide you with something a bit different than most other brands.  But you have to choose the right type for your skill level, as well as what you’re looking for from a golf ball in the first place.  Here are the three types on offer, and what you can expect from them:

-Srixon All Ability

This is your great starting choice because they feature a comfortable mix of everything that you need your clubs to be able to do.  That means they actually feature a harder outer shell, which is going to allow you to hit the ball farther without having to swing the club as hard.  That’s really important when it comes to learning how to first play, and making the most out of every single shot.

-Srixon Premium Distance.

These combine a traditional soft core so that you can have that much more control over the ball, with a much more highly resilient energetic gradient growth core that ensures a higher trajectory and therefore more distance on just about all of your shots.  These are ideal if you’re looking to get more out of each shot in terms of how far you need them to travel.  But these can be a bit more annoying the more skilled that you are, because they can sale on you when you’re trying to control a shot.

-Srixon Tour.

These are full on tour quality balls the likes of which a Tiger Woods would use.  That means you’ll find that they are patented to have all the control that you need for every shot on the course.  Whether you need some major distance in your approach, or if you need a delightfully soft outer shell for the perfect putt once you’re actually on the green.

2) Choosing the style of the ball.

This can be a concern for beginners, so that you can ensure it’s easier to judge the flight of your shot.  That’s why yellow Srixon golf balls, which make it a bit easier to see the flight of the ball.  Plus they are still close to a white type of color, so you can be sure it’s not that noticeable as if you were using blaze orange training balls.  But you will still be able to see them that little bit more easily.

3) In most cases Srixon golf balls are more affordable than other major brands.

Finally, you will also find that these types of balls are much more affordable than other top brands.  You can find all the quality of a set of Nike tour balls, or the overall playability that Titleist are going to provide, but in a much more affordable package.  That’s because you can find sets of 12 or more balls for $30 and less.  That’s more than enough to pay a few rounds with, and that ensures you’re still getting quality, but without having to shell out a ton of dough just for you to play.

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