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Are Trojan Golf Cart Batteries a Good Choice?

Can Trojan golf cart batteries give you a reliable energy solution for your vehicle? Let's have a look at the company and its options.

The most common style of golf cart these days is powered by electricity. These typically have rechargeable batteries, which are charged by plugging them into a standard wall socket. While the batteries used in a cart will typically be robust and have a long life they will generally need replaced at some point. There are a few manufacturers that produce these, with Trojan golf cart batteries being one of the options to consider when in the market for this type of equipment.


The Trojan Battery Company began life as far back as 1925, and in their 80 plus years of operation they have developed a range of high quality battery products for a range of uses. They began producing golf cart batteries in the 1950’s using their deep cycle technology, and the company has remained as one of the leaders competing in the cart battery market since this time. The batteries they produce are used by the carts at many top golf clubs, and their excellence in the field of golf cart batteries can make them a good company to look to for this type of equipment.

Battery Options

The lineup of Trojan golf cart batteries includes a few different styles to suit a range of different cart types. This ranges from basic options such as the 6, 8 and 12-Volt deep cycle flooded batteries to more sophisticated options such as the maintenance free 6 and 12-Volt deep cycle gel batteries. Many of the batteries they produce today have advanced features to enhance their performance and durability. Batteries that include their Plus Series technology have features such as SureVent Caps which quickly flip open and closed for easier maintenance, water level indicators to make it easy to monitor this and embedded terminals which help to enhance durability. Some of the other technology included to improve Trojan batteries includes Alpha Plus Paste which helps to strengthen the electrochemical processing capabilities of a battery to provide enhanced performance over a longer time period. The newest T2 technology has developed further features to improve battery performance and durability, and the fact that the company continually looks to improve the standard of their products means that they are one of the best options around for golf cart batteries. The batteries they produce also fit most of the electrically powered carts produced these days and therefore no matter the cart you have you should be able to find a Trojan battery to suit it.


Another good reason to opt for Trojan golf cart batteries is their availability. The company has dealers across the country, with these being part of the companies Master Distributor Network. This means wherever you live you should be able to find a dealer that can supply the batteries quickly. A number of companies are included in the network, and the best way to find a dealer is to use the locator feature on the Trojan website. By entering a few simple details of your location this can easily and quickly identify the nearest dealer to you.

Technical Support

While most Trojan golf cart batteries are simple to install and use, there may be times that customers require a little assistance. For this reason the company has invested in excellent technical support services to ensure that individuals that buy their batteries have the best help available should they need it. The technical support includes online assistance, with a range of resources available on their website such as Battery Maintenance details, User’s Guides and safety information. They also provide live support through full time application engineers. These can be contacted by e-mail or phone, with contact details available on the Trojan website. The fact that they provide excellent after-care assistance can make Trojan a good company to purchase a battery from.

The battery is the life-blood of a golf cart and installing the best quality product will ensure that your cart is ready for use time-after-time. Trojan golf cart batteries are considered to be some of the best around and they can be a good option to select. With the variety of battery options available, the technology that they include and the support that the company provides, choosing one of the Trojan line-up of golf cart batteries is unlikely to be a decision that you will regret.

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