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Bag Boy Golf Carts: Taking The Frustration Out Of Carrying Your Clubs.

Bag Boy golf carts come in many forms, all with one intention: making it easier to carry heavy bags and gear.

Ever been out on the golf course fed up with the hassle of having to carry that heavy bag of clubs from each hole to the next?  That’s why investing in Bag Boy golf carts can be such a great move for you.  These are carts specially made for you to push and pull throughout the course, so that it’s not a hassle to get form place to place.  Take the impact of that heavy bag right off your back and shoulders, and put it where it belongs, right on a machine cart. 

Plus, the real beauty of Bag Boy golf carts, is that there are so many different types, so you can choose the most convenient type for you, based upon how you want to get around the course.  There are several key features that make carts like these invaluable when it comes to making the most out of your game, without having to worry about the physical side of things.  In fact, here are a few factors that can make getting a Bag Boy one of your top priorities before you hit the course next.

1) Take the weight off your shoulders, and make your bag easier to run around the course.

The biggest problem with golf for many people, is that they can’t afford expensive golf cart rentals, and lugging around your clubs is just a huge hassle as they really do weigh a lot.  But what Bag Boy golf carts provide is a compact and foldable cart that you can pack into any car, and that you’re able to put the weight of your clubs on.  This way, you can roll them from hole to hole and keep them easy to access the entire time.  Plus that pressure is right off your shoulders, so you can be sure that you’re able to golf at ease.

2) Lightweight frames make carrying your cart easy. 

Another  huge advantage of Bag Boy push carts is that they are extremely lightweight, and feature aluminum metal frames that are under 20 to 30 pounds, so it’s easy to carry them when you have to.  What’s more, they are made to fold into much more compact sizes, so that you can throw them into any vehicle.  This way, you can be sure that getting to and from the course is also as easy as can be. 

3) Different styles of carts to suit your style.

What you’re going to find from Bag Boy golf carts, is that they make two major types of carts that you can utilize to get your clubs around the course.  There are both the push as well as the pull carts, so that you can choose the easiest way to get your clubs around.  It’s important to select a style that’s most comfortable, as the way the weight needs to be balanced dictates that they are only made to be used in one style.  But all feature handy locks as well, that will keep them sturdy and in place when not in use.

4) You can also buy automatic electric carts as well.

When lugging around your clubs this way just won’t do either, and those rolling hills are getting to be too much for your back and shoulders to handle, you can always get some electrical help.  Through the Bag Boy Navigator, you’ll find that you have automatic electric controls that will pick up the weight for you when you go to use the cart.  This way, you’re able to drive your cart where it needs to be, so that it’s a lot easier on your body and you can enjoy the relaxing side of being out to play a few rounds. 

5) Buying Bag Boy golf carts is a breeze.

No matter if you’re looking for pull or Bag Boy push carts, you can ensure that you’re able to find just the style you want when you shop online.  Through all sorts of golf outlets like,, as well as you can find the full range of Bag Boy golf equipment.  No matter what sort of cart you’re after, you can be sure that you’re able to find the type that’s going to make traveling the green as easy as can be.

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