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Best Resorts and Golf Courses In Orlando, Florida

Looking for the best golf courses in Orlando, Florida? Here are the top 4 in our opinions, all situated on beautiful resorts.

Going on a golfing vacation means choosing the right location, and you can’t do much better than Orlando.  You’ll find that Florida has a fantastic climate that’s extremely ideal for something like golf, and it’s one of the best places beauty wise throughout the entire US as well.  But what you also get when you golf in Orlando, is a choice of some of the top courses throughout the country.  That’s why you have to be able to narrow down the golf courses in Orlando, Florida that are worth visiting, and the ones that you don’t need to necessarily concentrate your time visiting.

There are a lot of golf courses out there, but you’re going to find that some of the Orlando types will stand so much further above the rest.  And if you’re traveling miles and miles just to go golfing in one particular place, you want to be sure that you’re going to enjoy your time there.  What this means is selecting the perfect type of golf courses in Orlando, Florida where you know that you’re going to have a good time.  But you also want to make sure that you’re even going to be able to get in, which is why it’s vital that you restrict your search to just those that are open to the public:

1) Grand Cypress Resort

Perhaps the best possible choice if you’re planning on doing some golfing, as they have all the amenities you could want.  They can provide you with shopping, dining, and even a spa experience as well.  That means you’re guaranteed to be able to enjoy your time on the resort, but they also don’t skimp on the golf.  Here you’re going to have the choice of 4 championship style golf courses in Orlando, Florida.   You get to choose amongst the East, North, South and then the New course as well.  You’ll find a different experience at each as well, so you can expect a uniquely fun round of golf at each.

2) Hawk’s Landing Golf Club

Another course that’s open to the public, this is a Marriot owned and operated course, so you can guarantee that everything here is going to be of quality.  What you get is a 72 par championship style course that’s going to offer you plenty of great opportunities to golf.  Plus you’ll find there are 15 tees on the driving range as well, so you’re assured of being able to get in and warm up before you’re ready to get out and hit the course itself.

3) Waldorf Astoria Golf Course

Located right outside Orlando, you’ll find that this is a delightfully new course that only just opened in 2009.  That means they feature more of the modern challenging style, opposed to the older style of long wide fairways, you’ll find that this is going to provide you with plenty of opportunity to test your mettle, and ensure that you can see just how good a golfer you are.  Plus it’s another of the many public golf courses in Orlando, Florida that still offer the quality that you would expect from a top course with private ownership.

4) Faldo Golf Institute by Marriott

So you want to play some golf, but you’re looking for a bit more from the experience than just getting punished by a ridiculously difficult course right?  Then you want to go to the Faldo institute. What you get at these golf courses in Orlando, Florida is an education into the sport, with top quality instructors that can help you break down your game and really figure out what it is that you can do better to succeed. Whether it’s specific instruction that you’re looking for, or even technology integration so that you can explore your swing or any other aspect of the game.

Plus you’re also going to find that they have a flexible type of course schedule, so you can determine how you want to learn.  Whether you want to spend a few days exploring the finer points of your game, or if you want to spend all of your time together with friends and family at a private camp type of golf session.  There are plenty of options, making this one of the best golf courses in Orlando, Florida to spruce up the quality of what you know in regards to golfing.


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