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Best Schools For Golf Instruction Throughout The US

Golf instruction schools and academies are located all over the country, but which are the best? We'll always look to these 6 first.

Getting some great golf instruction is vital to ensure that you can become a better player than ever before, but it’s also something that you’re going to need if you want to really grow as a golfer.  Without proper instruction you’re just never going to understand everything to do with the game, and that means the difference between things like understanding the finer points of chipping and putting proper spin on the ball, etc.  Plus there are a ton of great schools all throughout the US, so that you can be sure there’s bound to be one that’s right near you.

Of course, this means you also want to know just where are going to be the best possible places to go, based upon the courses as well as the teachers that are available. It really only stands to reason that the better quality your teachers are, then the better quality that your education is going to be, and you’ll find that some schools stand far above and beyond what you’ll get just anywhere.  Here are some of the best schools in the US that you absolutely have to check out:

1) Wright Balance Golf Academy

Located in Mission Vlejo, California, this is one of the best courses that the entire country has to offer just because of the quality of the education that you can get but also the flexibility of courses and pricing.  On average you can get in for teaching at under $1,500 for a multiple day session, and that’s really rare from most golf schools.  Plus you can choose from half day, full day, 2 day or 3 day lessons.

2) Vision54

The entire purpose of this type of school is all about giving you the education that you need to succeed in all aspects of golf.  If you’re looking to grow as a player, you’ll find that there are plenty of courses out there for helping you become that much of a better player.  But you’ll also find that they offer programs that are specific to coaches, and they also offer programs that are specific to corporations as well so that you can determine how you want to go about golf in your community.

3) McGetrick Golf Academy

One of the best possible schools simply because of the quality of the teachers themselves, you’ll find that the main coach here Mike McGetrick is actually a top 100 instructor, meaning you can count on everything he tells you as being worthwhile.  Plus they also have a state of the art golf swing instruction system, so that you can be sure you get that education you need to improve every single shot by working on the overall quality of your swing.

4) Jim McLean Golf School

Located in Ft. Worth Texas, this features a brand spanking new performance center that’s going to virtually guarantee that the school is worth the price of admission.  That means all new facilities as well as state of the art digital golf instruction systems, so that you can be sure you’re really going to be able to learn something about your golf swing as well as the overall way that you’re playing the game from all the finest points.

5) Kapalua Golf Academy

If you’re looking for a vacation style golf instruction experience, then this is exactly where you want to go.  That’s because here what you’re going to get is fantastic views like only Maui can provide, of the beautiful tropical atmosphere.  But you’re also going to find that they feature a top level staff, and a 23 acre practice area that provides you literally everything that you need to work on driving, short game, and everything else to do with golf.

6) Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf

Located in St. George, Utah.  This is exactly where you want to go if you’re looking for an education from the finest person in all of golf.  You’re going to find that here you can learn literally everything you need to know in terms of golf instruction, all from a program designed by perhaps the greatest golfer of all time, in the history of the game.  That means that you can count on an invaluable vacation experience, but also the most invaluable golf tips anywhere for just a $1,200 average session price.


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