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Buying a Complete Set of Toddler Golf Clubs to Inspire Interest From Your Child

It's never too early to begin golfing! Toddler golf clubs exist for this very purpose, and here's how to select a set for your child.

Getting your child into a great sport like golf can be the perfect type of bonding experience between  you and them.  Plus who knows, if they really take a liking to the game, you may even just find that they adore the sport so much they turn into the next PGA or LPGA tour great.  Of course, you do have to find them the right set of toddler golf clubs to get them started, and they can still be pretty complicated to shop for.  While they may not be on the same level of complicated custom features as adult clubs will be.  You’ll find that they still take a bit of thought, if you want to do your child’s golf game some justice.

Just as with any set of great custom golf clubs, you’re going to have to think about a few different things here.  It’s so vital that you consider things like length, as well as the actual shape and face of the club head itself.  But you also want to be sure that you’re buying a complete set, that makes it easy for them to carry around their clubs when you take them out on a golfing excursion.

1) Do you need a right or left handed set?

This is the first important question that you’re going to encounter, and you have to have an answer because the results with either will be very different.  At a very young age it can be difficult to feel out which is their most dominant hand, and which is going to provide the best type of swing.  But it’s important that you select the right way, as playing against your more dominant side is always going to make the game that much harder to understand and improve upon.

2) The size of the clubs that you need.

You’re going to find that the average set of kids golf clubs are going to be quite a bit smaller than what you’ll find with an adult golfer’s equipment.  In most cases youth golf clubs are rated by age, so you wan to choose the right age grouping, so that you can be sure they are perfectly sized for the average child of that age.  In most cases for toddler golf clubs you want to go with a set that’s made for ages between 3-5 so that there’s a bit of room to grow into the set.

3) What type of shaft do you want to go with?

This is important, because you have to think about cost, and just how fast they are going to outgrow them.  A good set of toddler golf clubs can still cost you hundreds of dollars just like adult gear.  But you will also find that you don’t have to go with stainless steel or high quality titanium clubs like you would want for a more permanent set.  Instead, because kids grow out of their gear so fast anyway, you want to go with something like plastic.  It’s still going to be able to get the job done, but it’s going to be a heck of a lot cheaper for you to buy for the short term.

4) Choosing the right brand can also be vital.

Even though these are toddler golf clubs, you still want to go with something that you know has the quality they need to play as well as can be expected.  That’s why you want to find clubs from a brand like Dexton, Nike or even Top Flite XL.  All of which make great kids clubs, and can be counted upon for you to find quality merchandise to get the job done.

5) Always make sure you’re getting a complete set.

Because baby golf clubs are never going to be used on a full size course, they do not need the same type of selection you would have.  Namely, you really only need to have a driver, in addition to a few irons, a wedge and the putter.  That’s going to be enough to handle children’s styled par 3 courses, and any challenges that they can offer up.  But don’t forget to ensure that your toddler golf clubs set comes with a bag as well, and one that can be carried or stand on it’s own, for added convenience.


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