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Buying A Quality Golf Chipper To Lower Your Golf Score

A good golf chipper can be the difference between yards to the pin, making them well worth the money spent for accuracy purposes. Here are some of the best in the sport.

Getting the right types of golf equipment is paramount to your success, as there are a lot of different types of materials you want to have in that bag that can help you approach all sorts of different shots.  One such tool that you really need to have is a golf chipper.  You’ll find that not everybody realizes the importance of the chipper or really what they are made to do.  But you will find that they are going to be able to sure up your short game in ways that you may never have expected before, so long as you fully understand the ways in which they can be game changers.

You’ll find that you actually have a lot to choose from here, and when you’re looking for quality golf equipment the chipper should be a top choice.  But why is that?  Even if you can drive the ball 300 yards down the fairway with any type of regularity, you still have to be able to do something with it once you get down there.  That driving ability isn’t going to help you close to the hole, and if you want a good low score you’re going to have to become an expert putter.

1) Using a golf chipper.

You’re going to find that using these is a bit different than a golf putter, because of the way they are actually made to hit the ball.  This is the tool that you have to have in your arsenal when you’re on the green, or just outside the green, but you don’t want to use a full club for your shot.  That’s because the chipper is heavier than a putter, and is made to have weight distribution in a different way so that you’re more apt to hit the ball upward and ensure it goes into the air a bit for more distance.

However, they are much better than a wedge for smaller distances, because the kick up into the air is fairly minimal.  This means they are just going to literally chip the ball at the green, and will ensure that they get just enough air to maximize distance, without coming in too fast to go into the hole if your shot is right on target.

2) How should you hit with a chipper?

You’ll find that you want to hit the ball in about the same way that you would do with a putter, when you’re using any types of golf chippers for sale.  That means gently cocking back and going forward more through the hips and your body than through your arms.  You want your body to twist and turn, as that’s going to ensure you’re able to get maximum power behind the shot, for the small distance you need, but a more concentrated power that you can aim a lot more effectively.

3) What are the best golf chippers?

You’re going to find that there are a lot of chippers out there, but a few stand far above the rest in terms of the overall quality of the equipment with which you will be golfing.  If you want absolute quality, here are the top brands that you have to try out:

-Odyssey chippers

Odyssey really knows their short game, and you’ll find that actually Odyssey putters are some of the best around that you can buy anywhere.  That’s exactly why chippers are going to be one of the best quality tools of the trade that you can employ to make a massive difference with how you actually hit the ball.  And they are perfectly weighted for controlled shots.

-Adams chippers

Another name in golf that you can really trust is Adams, and they have some of the best quality chippers on the market.  The top models like the A7 OS may be a bit more awkwardly shaped, but it’s guaranteed to give you that swing and control you need to hit the target from anywhere in the green.

-Tour Edge

Another brand tat comes with great golf chippers that probably look a little strange and almost too powerful for normal use, but one that will never let you down.  Plus the unique loft and construction of the club head ensures that you’re able to pop the ball up quickly for that extra little bit of distance, but also to ensure that the ball comes down quickly as well so you don’t over hit either.


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