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Buying Custom Golf Bags as the Perfect Gift or Promotional Item

Custom golf bags can make a great gift for golfing nuts, or a wonderful promotional item for any business. Here's how to go about finding personalized options.

Adding a personal touch to a gift is a really great way to ensure that it’s enjoyed that much more, and just to ensure that it’s something that they are going to be able to remember and treasure for that much longer as well.  You’re going to find that there are so many different types of things that you can purchase out there as well, so that you can ensure you do have the most ideal gift possible, like custom golf bags for example can be the perfect item for the golfer in your life.  There are so many different types of options out there too, you’ll find that you can really choose something perfect for making sure they are able to carry their clubs more conveniently than ever before.

But what you’re also going to discover is that the right types of custom golf bags can be the perfect type of addition for a business as well, so that you can brand yourself with bag customization when you’re going to be on the course as a part of a business excursion.  Many companies actually take their clients on golfing trips, as a way to break the ice and ensure that you can really get down to business and let your normal guard down.  You’ll find that these bags are a great way to brand yourself too, and make your employees look that much more professional as a result.

There are many different types of custom golf bags out there that you’re going to be able to hunt down, and here’s what you’re going to want to think about when shopping:

How important is the brand?

This can be a pretty major question, because you want to be sure that you’re buying the right type of brand for a gift especially, that’s going to have the name brand wow factor.  That means going with something like custom golf bags that feature Titelist branding, or Nike, or even Callaway.  You’ll find that there are all different types of bags, and just about all the major makers actually offer those that have big customization patches so that you can brand them with just about anything that you want to do.  But for a major corporation that may not be the most ideal type of solution, because these types of bags are really expensive, so you may want to go for less popular brands.

Getting the right type of bag for toting equipment.

This is also really important, because the type of bag that you want to tote around and carry onto the course is going to depend upon really what they’re going to be looking for.  If you have a more serious type of golfer, you’re going to want to go with a big Titelist tour quality stand bag.  That way, there are plenty of pockets, and you can also ensure that they are about as easy as possible for you to tote around with you as well.

However, if you’re more after the business style and you want it to be easier for you to pack up and go at a moment’s notice, then what you’re more going to be looking for is some type of Sunday style bag.  These are made to be a lot smaller and a lot more portable. That way, you can slide them just about into any car, and they are also smaller and easier for you to carry around as well.

Choosing the right type of personalization.

When you are ordering personalized golf bags, then you want to be sure you’re getting those that are going to have the type of custom embroidery that you’re going to enjoy the best.  That means you want to think about what type of message you’re trying to send.  Let’s say that you want to put a special message besides just a name, you have the option to really write anything to make the gift mean that much more .  Otherwise for a company you can go for a whole large company logo embroidered right onto the bag.

Buying custom golf bags.

Ordering the right types of bags is actually really easy as well, because there are all sorts of retailers that provide the services for you online.  Sites like as well as are going to be able to provide you with anything whether you’re looking for tour quality cart bags, or just a simple slim Sunday design to make it easy for transporting.


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