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Buying the Best Indoor Golf Simulator

An indoor golf simulator is not only fun, but could even help to improve your game. Here are three of our favorites, along with some tips to keep in mind.

Sometimes you just can’t get outside to play a good game of golf. Whether it’s because of the weather, or because you just don’t have the time to get out on the course to play a few rounds, getting indoor golf simulators can be a great way to be sure you can keep your game fine tuned.   There are all different types of handy simulator games out there, that can ensure that you’re able to keep your golf game working it’s finest, and ensure that you can still capture the fun of being out on the course, right from home.  But you are going to find that the types of simulators can be very varied, so it’s important that you’re able to find the types you really want to use the most.

Basically these are smaller contraptions that are ideal for capturing the feeling of playing golf indoors, in your own home.  Plus they are incredibly varied, as you can find all different types of devices to aid you in capturing the feeling of actually playing the game.  That’s why you want to consider just which sort of indoor golf simulator you actually want to improve your game, or just allow you to play when you’re trapped inside for the day.  Here are three of the best methods for capturing the feeling of golf in any type of household.


1) Golf Launchpad Tour

This is a special type of simulator in which you’re able to use your own types of clubs so that you’re able to capture the feeling of playing golf with the type of equipment that you would normally be using. What’s more, they also feature a special type of small pad that captures the feel of real grass.  On that you’re going to find a small golf ball like contraption, as well as a sensor.  These work in tandem to configure how you’re actually hitting the ball, how much power is behind your swing, in addition to where the ball would actually go.  This all transfers onscreen into a simulation that’s compatible with any type of television set.


2) High Definition Golf

This is a home golf simulator that is going to provide you with the most realistic and complete golfing experience you can get anywhere.  This is basically the equivalent of completely converting your home theater, into a golf course.  They come complete with a large screen, as well as a large faux green surface, and enough space for you to swing your own golf clubs. 


Basically the way this works is just like a big video game simulation, in which the best golf courses are represented on your screen as HD images.  Then special sensors are set up to judge your actual swing and how you’re hitting a realistic ball simulator.  That way, you’re able to judge just how hard and how far your actual ball would be able to go.


3) Tiger Woods PGA Tour

If you’re looking for your more basic sim game, and if you’re more looking to have some fun, you can’t go wrong with Tiger Woods.  These are console games that require less space, as well as less actual hardware in order to play.  They are made for just about every major videogame console, and you can play them using motion controls or an actual controller.  In Tiger Woods PGA Tour, the computer is able to sense your motions and swing, to get a feel for how you would be actually hitting the ball, giving you a relatively realistic golfing experience.


Of course, there are a few things that you want to think about to determine which type is really for you.  That means considering what you’re looking for out of your simulation, as well as what you expect to pay in terms of the money you are willing to spend. 


                -Indoor golf simulator prices is important to consider, as it can make or break a purchase.  You’ll find that you can get the lower end, such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour games for as low as $40 to $60.  Whereas large sims like High Definition Golf are going to cost into the thousands to install, as it’s basically like installing a small putting green inside your home, and completely converting the room.


                -How much space your indoor golf simulator dimensions are going to take up.  With something simple like a videogame such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour, you don’t need very much space at all, and usually just enough to swing your arms.  But for something larger like High Definition Golf, or even Golf Launchpad, you have to have enough room to swing your full clubs in a normal standard golfer stance.  In fact, with the HD Golf setup, the starting dimensions are 9’ x 12’ x 20’ so it requires an awful lot of space in your home.  

                -Indoor golf simulator reviews can also be important to your purchase, so it’s vital that you find a resource where you can do your homework.  That means visiting sites like where you can compare all sorts of customer reviews on just about any type of product such as these, to get a good idea of the type of golf you’re looking to play

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