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Buying The Perfect Set Of Clone Golf Clubs

Clone golf clubs offer a great means of saving money, but finding high quality ones can be trickier. Keep these five things in mind and you'll do just fine.

Everybody thinks that you have to buy name brand hardware in order for you to be able to play well on the golf course, but that just isn’t true.  You’ll find that playing with basic clubs, or non brand name types can actually provide you with the same advantages, so long as they are made for how you play the game.  The only limitation that you’re going to find with clone golf clubs, is just if you’re not buying them properly so that they are not made to work with your golf swing.  That’s why it’s more about finding the right clubs for how you play the game, than it is finding the hottest Nike clones so that you can look cool on the course.

That’s why you want to think about what the core mechanics of a good club are for you, opposed to what makes for the coolest looking Ping clone golf clubs.  Sure it’s cool to look like you have a name brand club, especially if it’s the same type that your favorite golfer uses.  But the thing is, unless you have the same type of handicap as well as golf swing as that golfer, then you’re using the wrong club, and that’s guaranteed.  This is why you have to be sure that you know what you’re buying and what you should be buying ahead of time.  Don’t just be swayed by attractive TaylorMade clone golf clubs if there’s no substance to them.

1) So first look at the materials

Even if they’re clones you still want them to be made of the right metals, and that means ensuring that they are predominantly constructed from stainless steel.  This is usually your best metal for almost any type of the golf club, and this way you know you’ve got quality Nike clone golf clubs.  But then you want to think about things like titanium, or graphite, something of substance for your shaft as well. Anything that’s not of the right quality is only going to be hurting you, which is why it’s vital that you take the time to look into these materials.

2) Make sure your shaft has the right flex

Now you want to be sure that you have plenty of flex, or no flex at all depending upon how you like to swing.  If you’re buying the same Nike clone golf clubs that look like the ones Tiger Woods uses, but you don’t exactly swing as fast as Tiger, then you need a shaft with plenty of flex.  This way, it’s going to make up for that shortcoming, and you’re still going to be able to power right on through the ball in the end, which is a necessity.

3) Make sure the club face is of the right design

Sure a Callaway Diablo Edge Octane driver is a thing of beauty, and they just look cool to have in your bag let alone whip out to use on the course.  But a good clone is not the right choice if you have a high handicap.  Instead you want to go something a bit more basic, and if you have your heart set on Callaway clone golf clubs, then at least go with Big Bertha types that have a big target for more forgiveness.

4) Choosing your loft

If you can’t adjust loft, no matter how cool those clone golf clubs are, they are just not worth the money.  Loft is the lie of the club face as you swing through in your standard gold swing motion.  If the lie if the club is off a bit, then you’re going to find that you’ll be pulling, shanking, and just doing all manner of bad things to your shots.  You do not want this, and rather you want to be sure that you have a club that’s adjustable to your needs.

5) Length

Sometimes when you’re buying Ping clone golf clubs they can be a bit short if they’re made to look like a certain model type.  You don’t want this, as you’re going to be too close the ball and that’s going to have you trying to adjust your arms, which is only going to mess up your shot.  Instead you have to measure, make sure that you’re getting clubs that are the right size, so that they are perfect for your height so that you can square up on the ball before striking.


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