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Buying The Right Golf Buddy GPS To Play How You Want

A Golf Buddy GPS can be extremely handy when playing a round on the course. Here are some of the company's models with details about each.

Getting the right type of golf GPS is really important when you do make the decision that you want to buy one.  If you’ve already chosen to purchase a Golf Buddy GPS, then you’ve made one correct decision, however which model do you want to go with?  You’re going to find that it’s not so simple as just choosing the right sort of GPS, but rather you need to ensure that you’re able to find the type that’s going to get the job done for you.  There are several different models out there, but they are all going to have different types of feature sets that can set them apart from one another.

While Golf Buddy GPS is usually one of the best that you can buy, you’re going to find that they are also expensive, so you want to be sure that you’re really making the right type of purchase before you actually go through with the buy, so that you can ensure this is really the type of GPS you want.  When you’re spending $300 or so on this device, you have to ensure that that money is going towards quality, and with the right type of Golf Buddy GPS model, you can be sure of this.  Here are a few of the top types, and what you’re going to be able to expect when buying:

1) Golf Buddy Platinum GPS

This is really the best possible model made by GB, and is exactly what you want to go with if you’re looking for the right type of GPS system and money is no object.  What you’re going to get using this type of golf GPS is a 40,000 course storage capacity, which is well more than you’d probably ever play in  your lifetime anyways right? Plus you get a gigantic full color screen complete with full course layout modes, so that you can see every hazard in remarkable detail before you pick your next shot.

2) Golf Buddy World GPS

A bit smaller than the platinum, but still featuring a very bright and beautiful touch screen, you’ll find that this is one of the best choices you can make if you’re looking for a GPS that’s a bit more affordable as well.  What any golf GPS review would tell you about the World is that it features several top world courses available upon purchase, but also features a full easy to use touch screen with zoom in and zoom out capabilities for planning your next shot.  But it’s really made for the course with a weather resistant, and shock resistant design so it’s totally safe for durable outdoor use.

3) Golf Buddy Tour GPS

If you’re after something that’s just a bit more basic, and also that much more affordable, then the tour has plenty to offer you.  What you get with this Golf Buddy GPS range finder is that they can chart things like drive distance and feature automatic hole recognition so that they know where you’re playing at all times.  But what they will also be able to do, is determine the conditions that you’re facing, so that you can best plan how to get around a hazard, even if they don’t have an expansive beautiful touch screen.

4) Golf Buddy Pro GPS

Once again, if you really like the cheaper more stripped down types this is for you.  While only having half the capacity of the Platinum or World, you’ll find that this is still a great unit to take with you to the course.  Plus who really needs more than 20,000 courses stored at all times right?  You’re also going to find that they are still ultimate quality distance trackers, so that you can always plan out your next shot with grim and remarkable accuracy.

5) Golf Buddy Plus GPS

Finally, if you want the really cheap type, if you just need a unit that’s made to get the job done and that doesn’t have the features that you really don’t need, then this is exactly what you want.  All this is really going to be able to do however is give you an idea of distance and lie.  That means you have to do a lot on your own, but that also does mean that they are ideal for ensuring that you’re doing some of the work yourself, which makes you a better golfer on the whole.

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