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Callaway vs. King Cobra Golf Clubs: The Best Set For The Money

King Cobra golf clubs are a top choice in many circles, and so are Callaway. Which sets are better for you? Let's take a look.

Comparing golf clubs is something that you really need to do when you’re trying to determine which types you want to buy.  Just going with a name brand because it’s something that you’ve heard of before, or because your favorite golfer uses them, really isn’t reason enough for you to be playing with that set.  But instead, you want to be sure that you’re finding golf equipment that’s made to work with your specific standards.  That’s why comparing two top contenders like Callaway and King Cobra golf clubs is so essential, so that you can really work out the best brand.

Of course, you do have to realize that when it comes to sporting equipment, there isn’t ever necessarily a better brand outright.  But rather, you’re looking for the type of brand that can provide you with the experience that you enjoy the most when it comes to the sport.  Some may find that King Cobra golf clubs provide more power and feedback for the style of golf that they play.  While others are going to find Callaway as being the better source of golfing glory.  But here are a few points to consider with each club, that can turn the favor one way or the other in your eyes:

1) Callaway Golf Equipment

Callaway is a brand that you’re guaranteed to have heard of before, as it’s one of the golfing powerhouses.  They really made their name off of the stainless steel innovations found throughout their Big Bertha line, and you will find that this carries over into the state of all their equipment.  Here are some of the finer points on why Callaway can be the right choice for you:

-Progressive Wall Reduction Technology.

Patented by Callaway, and nothing else compares to what they have accomplished, this is a unique aspect of construction in which the reverberation from the contact on the ball is kept to a minimum.  This allows you to follow through, and get a better overall connection, which means the ball is going to go far, and that you’ll have much more control as a result.

-Callaway clubs are known for a deep center of gravity.

Having a good and centered club is really important, and the Callaway patented design features one of the most pronounced and deepest.  That makes for much more silky smooth and easy control, which is going to see you connecting with the ball perfectly every single time.

-Beautiful glossy shine that lasts the lifetime of the club.

Something else that Callaway golf clubs are known for, is just that they look fantastic.  They come with a natural glossy shine which keeps them looking extremely attractive from the outset, and you’re also going to find that they are easy to keep as clean, because of the stainless steel construction.  That guarantees low maintenance, and top quality.

2) King Cobra golf clubs

While perhaps not as big a name as Callaway is, in terms of how many golfers at the top levels employ their clubs, Cobra are fantastic golf equipment manufactures in their own right.  What you will get from Cobra is quality, but that’s more affordably priced than you would find from most top brands, so you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth on each club.   Some of the best features include:

-Natural high launch angle club faces.

A standard of Cobra are the high launch ability of their clubs right out of the box, which means for a further shot in most cases, as you can squeeze an extra few yards out of your distance because of that height.  But what you will also find because of clubs like these, is that they are much more forgiving to beginners that cannot get a premium contact on the ball straight away.

-Unique undercut design to redistribute weight lower.

In order to even out the club’s center of gravity and force it as low as possible, these King Cobra golf clubs have a unique undercut design.  This way, you naturally force the gravity into the center of the club, making it easier to get a perfect impact.

-Cobra also have more natural shaft flex.

These are golf clubs that are targeted to those that are more starting out in the game than anything else, so you will find they have forgiveness built into the construction of the clubs. That means more shaft flex, for a club that’s going to give you a much further stroke, even if you have a slower swing.

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