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Choosing Proper Golf Cart Wheels And Tires

Choosing the right golf cart wheels and tires can assure longevity and minimal risk of puncturing. Follow these suggestions to find a great set.

If you don’t have the right types of golf cart wheels and tires for your vehicle, you’re going to find that it’s not going to run that well at all.  That’s why you want to carefully configure which type of a setup is going to be the most ideal for you.  Cart tires like these can be just as varied as the carts and surfaces for which they drive, so it’s important that you make your selection carefully.  With the right types of tires, you can ensure that you’ll be able to get your golf cart where you need to go, for whichever purpose you purchased the vehicle.

However, it is a matter of carefully figuring out the right set for you. Also, you have to realize that there are some adjustments that you may have to make to your cart in order to be able to use a different type of wheel.  All of this is really important for you to keep in mind, so it is something that you’re going to want to think about.  Here are a few of the most important aspects of golf cart wheels and tires, that you’re going to want to weigh before buying your new set:

1) Choosing the right type of tire.

This is really important so that you can match the type of tire that you’re using to your surface.  Golf carts can be made to go on golf courses, as well as residential streets, but also rocky backwoods paths as well.  You just need to ensure you have the right type of tire to get a good grip, and ensure that you stay in control no matter where you’re driving.

-Grass tires.

These are some of the most common, and they are really smooth and flat, and feature very small find grooves, so that they don’t rip up or risk indenting the grass when you’re rolling over the surface.  These are common for golf courses, and ensure that you can roll over the grass without doing damage to anything.

-Street tires.

These feature a bit more prominently featured grooves, so that they can grip the pavement a bit better.  That way, you can stay in control, yet also build up more speed when you’re driving on the street.

-Off road tires.

These are by far the largest golf cart wheels and tires and they are what you are going to want when you drive your cart in an area like the woods, or even on a really rocky difficult path.  That’s because they are big wheels with large grooves meant to churn through anything and grip the ground so that you stay in command of your vehicle.

2) Make sure that you’re choosing the right type of wheel size.

There are different sizes for golf carts, as you’re going to find some have higher demands than others.  For example, your average small cart that’s really just made for two people don’t really need anything special.  But a larger utility style cart carries a lot more weight, and needs a lot more support and cushion as a result.  That means buying a larger more durable wheel, so that it can support the loads that you’ll be carrying, or the amount of people that you’ll be driving.

3) Consider a lift kit if you want to go with bigger wheels.

If you’re trying to turn your golf cart into an off road vehicle, but your model just isn’t large enough, or high off the ground enough for a big set of wheels, a lift kit can be just what you need.  These enable you to actually lift the frame of the cart a bit, so that you can install permanent larger wheels that can churn through just about anything with total ease.

4) Wheel brand matters as well.

You want to go with a brand that really knows golf carts as well as tires, and that means choosing a company you know and can trust.  For example, going with EZ Go wheels tires is a great option, because they are exclusively produced for golf carts.  But you can also find wheels by manufacturers like Cabela’s, which are tailor made for carts that face the more difficult challenges in life.

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