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Choosing The Right Pair of Oakley Golf Shoes

Oakley golf shoes are guaranteed to give you a high quality form of footwear on the course. Here's your guide to finding the best pair the brand offers for your needs.

The shoes you wear out onto the golf course is a facet of the game that not enough golfers really give that  much thought to.  That’s unfortunate, because your footwear can make such a big difference as to how you play the game, for a variety of reasons.  Namely, just in the way that you’re able to hold your balance throughout the natural motion of a swing, to make your connection count every single time. There are a lot of different types of shoes out there, and that’s why you have to go with a name that you can trust, like Oakley golf shoes

Picking a pair of shoes than you know are going to get the job done is really important, and through a brand that really knows both sportswear as well as golf, you’ll find that Oakley is the perfect place to start.  That’s because they manufacture several different types of golf shoes as well, so you can be sure that you’re able to find something that’s going to suit your style perfectly.  With the right pair of shoes, you can ensure that you’re going to feel totally comfortable out on the course, and you’re going to be able to make the most out of your game.  Here are a few reasons that Oakley are the perfect choice, and what you want to think about when buying:

1) Why do you need golf shoes in the first place?

While golf may not be quite as athletic or physical as most other sports, it is one that involves perfect form, and the better that your form is when you actually hit the ball, the more power that you’re going to be able to get behind a swing.  That means finding a pair of shoes that allow you to hold balance throughout a swing, or else you’re not going to be doing yourself justice.  That’s because the point where you cock back to hit the ball, to where you actually put impact on the ball as you pivot and swing, is a point where you can lose balance if only slightly, pretty easily.   With golf specific footwear, that’s not going to happen.

2) Oakley golf shoes come in several different sole styles for your comfort.

A big part of choosing shoes such as these, is finding a pair that can get the job done based upon how they are actually constructed.  It’s really important that you find those that are comfortable and supportive enough to allow you to naturally hit the ball, and that aren’t going to restrict your motions at all.  That means choosing whether you would like spiked bottoms, or a more smooth flat surface.

With spiked bottoms, your shoes are more like cleats, so they are designed to really grip into the turf well.  However, what you’re also going to find is that means this can reduce your natural swing speed, or stance rotation.  That’s why it can be better to go with flat soles, so that you’re still gripping the turf, but so that you have better freedom of motion at the same time.

3) You’ll also find that you can get different styles of shoes as well.

This way, you can capture the type of look that you want, while you’re out on the green.  If you’re going for a more casual sporty look, Oakley super drive shoes are going to get the job done.  These are made with more of a sneaker type look and construction, so you can count on them being comfortable, as well as street worthy.  Otherwise, there are also Oakley tour jacket golf shoes as well, which are better made for looking the part of a pro golfer when you’re on the course.  You can even go with Tuxedo golf shoes, if you want something that’s made to accentuate your more formal appearance, especially on business or professional outings.

4) Simply put, Oakley golf shoes are just more affordable than other brands.

Something else that you’re going to find, is that getting world class quality shoes from Oakley is going to cost you much less than it will from most other top brands like Nike or Callaway.  In fact, you’ll find that you can pick up great pairs well under $100, which is something that not a whole lot of brands are going to be able to say.  In fact, by shopping online through a site like or you can find a great pair for much cheaper than you would ever expect.

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