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Comparing Hippo Golf Clubs: Drivers and Irons

It's essential to choose your Hippo golf clubs wisely, as their features are very specific to certain needs. Here's a look at some of the top drivers and irons in the line.

Finding a good set of clubs that really feel made for the way that you play golf, as well as your skill level is important, so that you can continue to play as your best with your equipment doing it’s part.  The problem with finding the right sorts of clubs is that you have to compare everything that’s out there very carefully, so that you can figure out what seems right before you end up splashing the cash.  With something like Hippo golf clubs, you’re not really going to be able to see how they work for you until you’ve already bought them, but that can be a problem if you don’t know what to expect.

Hippo is a brand that can be a bit more daring than most golf equipment manufacturers, and that can either pay off incredibly, or limit what you’re able to do because of the decisions that were taken.  That’s why you want to choose your Hippo golf clubs very carefully, to be sure you find something that’s going to augment instead of limit your game.  Here are a few of the brand’s top drivers and irons, and what you can expect from each series:

1) Hippo Hex 2 Driver.

This is probably one of the more unique Hippo hybrid golf clubs that you’re ever likely to see, just because of it’s strange shape.  The Hex driver does not feature the standard type of oval with a flat edge type of shape that most drivers feature, but is actually rather square.  Plus the area where you hit the ball is indented, instead of flat like on so many clubs.

But this was done to put more weight behind the way that you hit the ball, resulting in a cleaner strike. Plus the unique curved shape of the club ensures that you’re able to get a more firm connection with the ball.

However, because of the more unique shape, this is a more punishing driver for new golfers, and you will find that it will not reward you at all if you don’t hit the ball dead on every single time.  That makes the Hex 2 a target for low handicappers only.

2) Hiptec 2 Driver.

Another more square shaped type of driver, but that features more of a traditional design as well with the flat wide face.  This provides you with much more of a clear cut zone to hit, and is a ton more forgiving to newer golfers.  But you can still count on the same great weight placement, as well as extra weight towards the back of the club face, to create more inertia for when the club impacts.  One of the more ideal Hippo golf woods that are guaranteed to get the job done.

3) Hippo XXL Irons.

If you’re looking for a more forgiving type of iron, this is right where you want to go.  The XXL line is all about making irons more versatile and durable for any type of shot that you need to make, at any level of the game.  The whole point of the XXL line was to replace irons 3 and 4 with utility rescue clubs that were much more controllable and forgiving of those at any level of golf.

But then what you get from the other irons in the set is an undercut cavity head that ensures greater consistency with every shot, as you have a larger and much more easy to hit sweet spot, so that you can control your shots that much better.  Plus they all have customizable shafts so you can choose Hippo’s custom low torque shaft, or also the performance steel shafts as well.

4) Magia Combo Irons.

When you compare Hippo golf clubs, another facet that you have to think about is who’s playing.  These are the ideal clubs for women golfers, if you’re looking for something that was specifically designed with you in mind.  Providing the utmost in distance as well as control, they are much more forgiving clubs for the beginner, but also allow great control for the master.  Irons 4-7 have all been overhauled to have a much larger and much more easy to utilize head to the club, effectively making these the best possible Hippo golf clubs for sale to women golfers everywhere.

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