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Comparing The Different Formats of the Tiger Woods Game: How Should You Play?

The Tiger Woods game is the top selling golf video game franchise of all time. Here are the different formats available on the market.

Tiger Woods Golf is one of the most accurate and fun golf simulators to play right in your own home.  It simulates everything that a pro golfer would experience, from playing at the best venues the world has to offer, to competing with the top competition throughout the tour.  But you’re also going to find that there are several different ways that you can play the Tiger Woods games, and it’s important you choose the right format for how you want to have fun.

You really don’t want to end up buying Tiger Woods Golf for the wrong home videogame console, or else it’s really not going to be that much fun to play, and you can find that you’re just going to end up really frustrated in the end.  That’s why it’s so important to really know what you’re in for before you buy, so that you can make sure that you’re making the right choice.  Here’s what you can expect from each version of the Tiger Woods game, so you can make the best choice for your personal enjoyment:

1) Most every single version is going to be the same to some degree.

The first thing that you’re going to find, no matter how you go about playing a videogame like this, is that all the versions are relatively the same thing.  They all allow you to virtually golf in the same way, and most of the content is going to be identical.  In that respect, you’re assured to get an enjoyable game no matter the format that you actually choose.  It’s in how you play the game that can be vastly different from game to game.  That’s the really important part, and what you want to look into, when it comes to the different versions.

2) Playing on Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.

Both consoles are basically the same, and are the most ideal place to play EA’s Tiger Woods Golf, if you’re looking for the more relaxing home experience.  With controller in hand, all you need is the console and a TV to play, and it doesn’t require that much effort as it’s all about what you do with your hands that controls the on screen action.  Plus this is usually the place to go for online gaming as well, so that you can compete against other golfers worldwide.

3) Nintendo Wii is great if you want more motion control.

Currently the only system with real motion control available is Nintendo Wii.  Despite Xbox having Kinect and Playstation offering up Move, you will find the hardware has not been fully utilized.  But on Wii, you’re able to actually move your arms like a real swing, and the game takes just about everything into account, so that you have a realistic interpretation on how you would perform.  However, the graphics are at least a generation behind in quality from what you get on Xbox 360 or PS3, which can be a problem for some.

4) PC versions of Tiger Woods games.

A bit more unorthodox if you’re not as used to PC gaming, because you’re using a keyboard and a mouse for all of your controls.  This is the most ideal way to play however, if you want the maximum amount of control over your game.  What you get here is full control over modifications and updates, so you can have a game with the best possible graphics and controls period, but they are also harder to maintain and take a lot more computer knowledge to keep up with.

The main thing here is just thinking about how you want to play, or how much money you want to spend.  Nintendo Wii and PC versions of games tend to be a bit cheaper, so you can save money on these versions of the Tiger Woods game.  But if you want to be able to game with friends or against others online, nothing beats a Playstation or Microsoft Xbox online infrastructure.  Those are all things you want to consider, to be sure that you’re able to pick out just the right method of gaming.

You also may want to consider buying an older version if you don’t want to spend too much.  Instead of going with the latest, which is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, try PGA Tour 2010 or even a bit older, and you can cut the price more than in half.  While they do feature older technology, the core game play mechanics are the same, which still virtually guarantees a ton of fun on your part.

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