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Comparing the Most Common Golf Simulator Prices

Golf simulator prices can take on a wide range, depending upon the sophistication of the product. Here's an overview of the three most common average ranges.

Being a major fan of golf in the winter time is rough because you can’t get out and play unless you live in an area like Florida where the season never changes enough to close the golf courses for a long period of time.  That’s why it’s so important you are able to find some way that you can play at home, so that you can keep up your skills and just enjoy the game that much more.  This usually means buying a golf sim of some sort.  The problem with that is always coping with golf simulator prices.

Golf is not a cheap hobby, no matter what aspect you’re talking about.  When it comes to paying greens fees as well as renting equipment or golf carts, and then even buying your own clothing and clubs, it’s going to cost you some serious cash in order to get involved.  That’s why you want to find the right type of game that’s going to be roundabout the golf simulator prices you’re comfortable with paying, but that still provides you with as accurate a golf experience as possible.

Here are a few price ranges, and what types of golf simulators you can get for that amount of money:

1) $50 – $200

This is the extreme lower end of the spectrum, but there are still some great types of simulators here.  For this type of a price you can find great games like Tiger Woods PGA Tour for Nintendo Wii, which is going to ensure you still get the feel of swinging a club with the motion control the system allows.  But what you will also find is that you can usually throw in a separate apparatus for more realistic control, without hiking up your virtual golf simulator prices too far.  By combining Tiger Woods PGA Tour on Playstation 3 with the Launchpad Tour control device, you’re actually hitting a real ball with your real clubs, and your actions are replicated on screen perfectly.

2) $300 – $1,000

Here is where you’re talking some more serious golf simulator programs, and you can start to find swing analyzers for more computer input on what you’re doing when you actually swing the club.  This way, you can become a better golfer while you wait for the courses to thaw out, so when your friends are trying to get back into the groove, you’ll be driving further than you ever have before.

Some great types of programs to look out for include the Dancing Dogg Golf Simulator which has infrared sensors which actually track your swing as well as how you struck the ball.  That way, you can see real time results as to how you’re performing, and the tethered ball ensures that you always feel as though you’re really striking something.  Plus you’re using your own clubs so it’s practically training you to get better.  With real time computer analysis, you can ensure that you get vital feedback that can allow you to change your swing on the fly and maximize your results.

3) $10,000 +

If you’re really serious about replicating the experience of golf as much as possible, and you have a lot of room in your home where you can commit to installing an indoor course, you can get some of the very best simulators.  While these are also the highest virtual golf simulator prices you’re going to have to pay, they produce the best possible results.  With these you get to install things like Full Swing golf which is one of the most popular simulators worldwide.

That’s because it comes complete with a golf mat which ensures you have the feeling of actually playing on real grass.  Plus utilizing the tethered ball that you’re going to be hitting with each shot means that you really feel like you’re putting the right touch on the ball.  The movements of your swing as well as impact on the ball are all accurately recorded by the computer, and you have a full screen display that’s taller than you to show you where you would end up on the course.

This way you literally feel like you’re really golfing, and the set even comes with tons of actual true to life golf courses so that you can go and play all over the world and feel as though you’re really doing it.  While Full Swing golf cost is out of range for many people’s wallets, if you have the means it’s by far the best possible sim that you can get for the most realistic experience on the market.

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