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Comparing The Top Golf Club Brands: The Best Brand For Your Style Of Play

Wondering which golf club brands are the best? It may depend on a few factors, but here are our preferred companies.

Something that you may not realize is that the types of golf club brands that you choose to buy your equipment from can have a major effect on how you’re able to hit the ball.  Whether you’re looking for a more flexible shaft or a more powerful grounded driver, not every single brand is going to offer quite the same type of look or feel.  This is why it’s really important that you look into the different top providers, and really see what they can offer you.  Whether you’re after a Nike, Callaway or even a Taylor Made club, you want to select those that can guarantee the utmost.

This also means that you’re going to want to try out the clubs before you buy as well.  That way, you can get a good feel for what they are going to offer you when you own your own pair.  In most cases, you’re able to try out clubs at a pro shop, or even on a golf course on a temporary basis to get a feel.  But you also want to do your research, so that you can figure out what seems most attuned to the style in which you play.  There are a lot of different brands out there, but only a few at the top that are really worth your consideration.

1) Callaway golf clubs.

This is one of the premier golf club brands, and something that many golfer both pro and amateur put all of their faith into.  Callaway first burst onto the scene with their famous Big Bertha club, and it was known as such because of it’s solid stainless steel construction, as well as large playing face so that you can get a prime connection on the ball.  You will still find this type of philosophy carried out in the construction of all the clubs made now, whether Big Bertha or hybrid.  Plus you will also find that they generally feature a much more rigid shaft construction, so they are perfect for those with faster swings.

2) Nike

While they may be a popular brand on the other sports fronts, even with everything from Basketball to Soccer, it took a while for Nike to catch on in terms of the golf industry.  They were widely regarded as a ball manufacturer, and not many pros actually respected what they could do with their golf clubs.  Tiger Woods himself, a long time spokesperson of the brand, didn’t start using Nike clubs until only recently.  But over time they have become a quality brand in their own right, because of their famous aerodynamic and more gravity friendly weighted construction.  That provides for maximum swing speed, and a much further drive as a result.

3) Taylor Made golf clubs.

One of the first brands to really get into hybrid territory, Taylor Made actually produces some of the best types of hybrids that you’ll find anywhere on the market.  Hybrids are specially made so that they are literally just as they sound, a hybrid between more traditional fairway wood style clubs and more new age metals.  This results in the same great performance that you can count on from a brand like Taylor Made, but beyond you’re really getting golf equipment made to strive further with every single stroke.

4) Titleist

While every golfer knows of, and has probably played with a Titleist ball, not everybody realizes that they are fast becoming one of the top golf club brands as well.  They have started producing top quality drivers as well as irons, that feature maximum flex so that they are much more forgiving to beginners, but with enough hybrid rigidity that even for a fast swing they are still going to help you bring the power.  This just might be the right type of brand to go for if you’re looking for something a little different.

5) Top Flite.

But of course, the major problem with just about every one of the golf club brands on this list is that the clubs themselves can be hundreds of dollars just for one, let alone a set.  That’s what makes Top Flite such a great brand to go with.  By purchasing Top Flite XL golf club sets, you can actually save a ton of money and still get a quality product, that’s really ideal for beginners getting into the sport with clubs that are worthy of any course.

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