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Comparing The Top Titleist Golf Balls To Improve Your Game

Titleist golf balls are bestsellers in the sport. Which one is the best of the brand for you?

Having trouble sinking those putts when you’re out on the green?  Not getting enough power out of your shots?  Chances are it has something to do with the type of equipment that you’re playing with.  While a lot of being a golfer is about your form, and also the ability that you develop, it’s also about the balls you’re playing with.  You’re going to find that a brand name like Titleist golf balls are just going to offer you a more enhanced ability to control your shots throughout a hole.  Whether you’re driving, putting or chipping, you’re going to be amazed at how you can bend the ball to your will.

But of course, because Titleist is such a massive golf brand, there are a lot of different balls produced by them, overwhelming you with choice.  How are you supposed to know which type of Titleist golf balls are the ones for you?  Really, the only way is to compare the top models, and figure out which is best for your game, based upon what they offer. Depending upon the way that you play, you’re going to find that some balls are going to produce better all around control, or can also improve the areas of the course where you tend to be the weakest.

The best balls to choose from include:

1) Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

These are the pinnacle of what the brand now produces, and you’re going to find that they have some pretty distinct features which clarify them as the best.  They feature Titleist’s innovative core compression technology which features a solid layer of polybutadiene inside the ball. This assures a few things, namely much more durability than any other ball on the market, better green control for long and short putting, more spin off your 9 iron, and great distance on your driving strokes.  However, the soft outside can be hard for newer players to get used to and to learn to control.

2) Titleist Pro VX Golf Balls.

There are a slight step down from the tour quality Pro V1 models, and you’re going to find that there is a distinct different in the type of performance offered.  They are made much in the same way that the Pro V1 are constructed, but with one major difference.  That is in the coating on the outer shell.  Instead of the added softness that you’ll find with the Pro V1, the Pro VX affords a more rigid and durable outer shell that means a much longer drive on each shot.  However, some close control is compromised, so make sure your short game is pretty strong.

3) Titleist NXT Tour

If you’re looking for more affordably priced golf equipment, this is more the way to go, because they material is such that you still get high performance but at a more realistic price.  The NXT Tour is known for it’s combination between a soft center, and rigid outer shell to it’s core.  The material is still polybutadiene, but manufactured throughout may layers, to give maximum performance while still providing affordability.  You’ll still find that the NXT Tour is made to fly remarkably far, and will provide you with the soft close control that the average golfer needs when on the green.

4) Titleist DT SoLo

When you’re all about the big drives, this is the ball for you, because it’s all about distance.  These types of balls are going to make the most out of your golf swing, and you’ll be driving further than you’ve ever done before, no matter the course.  That’s because of the soft compression technology used in this ball’s polybutadiene core, in which the entire inner workings of the ball are one big spring.  This means they are able to pack on the power, and produce extreme reactions when you drive at the ball. 

Beyond just the pro equipment, you’re going to find that you can also get custom Titleist golf balls as well, so that you can make your ball your own.  Whether you’re looking for those with unique pictures on them, or if you’re looking for an easy soft outer shell that you can mark with relative ease, you can be sure that you’re able to find just what you need.

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