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Designing the Perfect Vacation At Litchfield Beach And Golf Resort

Thinking about a vacation at the Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort? Here's what you'll need to know.

Planning the perfect golfing and relaxation vacation does not have to mean trying to find several locations all around the area in which you want to travel.  With fantastic options like Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort, you can be sure that you have everything you need to have a vacation to remember, right outside your door.  With a full relaxing resort and beach for you to use so that you can unwind throughout the day, and a golf course that you can enjoy when you’re looking for the perfect place for one of the most relaxing and fun sports around.

Plus you’re also going to find that Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort  can well surpass your expectations on just what you could want out of a golf course, because of everything extra that they offer.  That’s what makes this type of resort special, and what is going to ensure you’re never going to run out of things to do.  Besides having a highly rated golf course, you’re also going to find that they offer plenty of beach activities, as well as private pools.  You’ll also find full size tennis courts, as well as all different types of dining establishments as well so that it’s easy to find just what you want to eat.

Plus there are so many different ways to play golf on any one of the associated courses with Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort, that you can determine the method that’s going to save you the most money.  What you’re going to find with a  resort such as this, is that there are 32 professional quality golf courses that are all linked to the resort.  That means there are plenty of ways to choose amongst top courses like Blackmoor or the Heritage Club, even Indian Wells, so that you can design the perfect experience for you.  Plus there are a few ways that you can choose to pay, to make your money count the most for each game of golf. 

The beauty of Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort  is in the ways that you can setup how much golf you would like to play, as well as how much you would like to pay in order to do so.  There are several different tiers of actual golf vacation packages that you can choose from, but almost all of them yield all sorts of money saving opportunities.  Most are tied to just how long you would like to stay and play, and typically the longer you’re willing to stay, that’s the more that you’re going to be able to save.  But there are 2 tiers of options that you can actually choose from. 

1) Plantation Specials

The more basic types of Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort plans are the 3 round plantation specials. These are specially made so that you can stay for any length of time starting at 2 nights on the resort, and play 3 rounds of golf, while being able to save up to $25 per tee time, per round.  

2) Prime Times Signature Packages

But then there are the longer Prime Time’s signature packages.  With the more basic package you can stay a minimum of 4 nights, with 5 rounds of golf while getting the fifth round for free.  Or you can also opt to stay longer, by staying for 5 nights, and getting to play 7 rounds of golf with the last round for free. 

However, whichever type of package you actually end up choosing, you do want to be sure that you have your accommodations covered for actually getting around to the courses.  With any type of Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort  combo, you’re going to have to be sure that you account for a rental car.  While all of these courses are pretty conveniently located in the area of Pawleys Island, South Carolina where the resort is, you’re still going to need to be able to get around.  With a rental car, you can be sure that any of the courses are within your travel distance, even those at fabled Myrtle Beach.

Remember also that if you’re traveling with a non-golfer, it’s not hard to sell the fun of a Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort vacation, because of the other options available to you.  There are full size tennis courts, as well as full service dining available right at the resort.  Not to mention you’re right on the beach, so that there are plenty of options for beach and divining activities, as well as yachting and other fantastic resort opportunities that anyone can enjoy.  Just see for yourself at where you can design the perfect vacation experience.

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