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Do Golf Magnetic Bracelets Make a Difference?

Will golf magnetic bracelets improve your game, or are they overhyped? Here's a thorough look at these accessories.

While not an overly physical game, playing golf can still put pressure on the body. This can be especially true of the hands and wrist which can be prone to injury as a result of both practicing and playing the game. There are a variety of ways to both prevent and treat the pain in wrists and hands caused by playing golf, with an alternative style of treatment that many consider these days being golf magnetic bracelets. So, can these make a difference?

What are they?

Golf magnetic bracelets are basically lightweight wristbands that have magnets incorporated into their design. They are manufactured specifically with golfers in mind, although can be worn by anyone. The primary reason why people wear them is due to the health benefits they are said to provide, although they can also be a stylish accessory used as part of a golfing outfit.


Magnetic bracelets for golf come in a variety of styles, with metal wristbands typically being one of the most common options. These can be produced using a variety of metals with stainless steel, titanium and copper being some of the common options. These can be fashioned into a variety of looks with twisted wire, metal links and solid metal cuffs being available. Both an open style can be used with a magnet on either end of the bracelet, or a closed style which has magnets along the entire length of the bracelet. Other materials can also be used to produce golf magnetic bracelets, with some companies using woven fabrics or silicone to manufacture them.

What Are the Perceived Benefits?

Magnet therapy has been used for hundreds of years and the practitioners of this alternative health treatment believe that the use of static magnets on the body can produce a few beneficial effects. Some of the common benefits magnet therapy is said to provide include pain relief, improved blood flow and circulation in the area being treated, and also fatigue reduction. While there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of magnetic bracelets helping golfers remain healthy or combat the effects of aches and pains caused by golfing, there is no particular scientific evidence that backs this up and provides an explanation of why it would work. It may be that it is psychological, with those who believe in it, having the correct mindset that means it actually does benefit them.

Golfers considering the use of golf magnetic bracelets should consider them as part of an overall health strategy for remaining fit and dealing with the hand and wrist pain which can develop as a result of playing golf. It should not generally be considered as a cure in itself, although they are safe to use and cause no side effects. Many golfers use them and believe that they are beneficial to their health, so for those that want to include an alternative remedy in their efforts to remain fit or combat aches and pains, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be tried. They can do no harm and may even provide some benefits. Most also have the advantage of being attractive looking and this means they can add a little style to a golfing outfit.

Manufacturers That Produce Them

There are a number of manufacturers that produce magnetic bracelets for golfers. One that is used by a few top golfers is Trion:Z and they produce bracelets in brightly colored silicone and woven fabrics. Some of the other manufacturers to look out for include Sabona and Dynomighty, both of which produce metal magnetic bracelets for golfers. A few of the golf manufacturers also produce them, with Callaway being an example of this.

Where Can You Buy Them?

Golf magnetic bracelets can be found on sale at a variety of locations. Online retailers include Beamers Golf, Tee Golf Club and Trion:Z. In-store locations can include sports retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority. The cost will typically depend on the style and material, with a price range of $15 to $85 being common.

To play the game well, a golfer has to be healthy, and aches, pains and fatigue can take their toll on the game. Golf magnetic bracelets are an alternative health therapy to consider for keeping your wrist and hands in good shape, with many golfers claiming that they do help them. For this reason and the stylish look they have, they are something that all golfers should consider.

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