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Dunlop Golf Clubs and Sets: Are They Right For You?

Are Dunlop golf clubs the right choice for your style of play? Here's an overview of the company's sets, along with pros, cons, and more.

The biggest decision facing you when finding the right type of golf club set, is always are they the right choice for your skill level.  That’s a question that you always have to ask yourself, as the brands that you start out with are not necessarily going to be the same that you end up with as you get better.  But you will also find that you want to be buying something affordable at any level of golf.  Unless you have the money for thousand dollar clubs, there’s no sense in spending that much.  That’s why different brands like Dunlop golf clubs can be attractive options, as they are usually very affordable.

However, Dunlop is a less popular sport brand, and that means you probably don’t know as much about them.  It’s easy to find information on the Callaway, TaylorMade, and other such companies of the world.  But when you find something like Dunlop golf clubs sets, you want to be sure that you’re able to assess them for true value for money, especially when you could stand to save so much overall.

Here’s what you can expect for the most part, and just what Dunlop will have to offer any golfer:

1) What skill level are Dunlop golf clubs made for?

Just as with most other jack of all trades sports brands like Dunlop, you’re going to find that their clubs are more geared towards the beginner.  That’s because they are not a golf exclusive company, so they have to devote their time to a great number of different sporting achievements.  With golf, some of that gets lost on the clubs, because they are not intuitively designed for control the way that a low handicap golfer would need them to be.

2) What do you get in most Dunlop golf clubs sets?

The answer to that depends upon what type you’re looking to buy.  You can get full sets, as well as those that are meant to outfit you with only certain types of clubs, like if you need a driver, a set of irons, or a set of fairway woods.  But you can find complete sets of any so that you can outfit yourself with the type of clubs that you need to play, or complete the collection that you already have.  You’ll also find that you can get sets of junior clubs as well, so that you can find those that are perfect for getting someone younger involved in the game.

3) Common advantages for beginners.

You’ll find that there are a lot of advantages for those just starting out in the game, and the number one advantage is that they are much more forgiving.  The club heads are larger and heavier than many other name brands, which means miss hits are a lot less common, and you can ensure that you’re almost always going to be able to put a good amount of force on the ball.  Plus there’s enough shaft flex to forgive if you have a slow golf swing as well, which can be a major bonus.  This way, as you work your way up to being a more skilled golfer, your clubs are going to provide you with fewer frustrations.

4) Limitations for low handicappers.

However, if you’re a more experienced golfer, Dunlop golf clubs are going to leave you a bit disappointed. Because of the way that they are constructed to be more forgiving, they are not the most ideal for actually controlling your shots.  Plus they don’t come with custom lofts, lengths, or anything else of the sort, so you can’t have them tailored to your handicap or the way that you play the game.

5) How much does the average set cost?

As a part of any realistic Dunlop golf clubs review, you always want to know what they cost, as that can be one of the most important features.  Here you’re almost always in luck, as you can find full sets for usually just a few hundred dollars.  Plus you can find individual clubs to outfit yourself with everything you may not have already for as low as $30 to $50 per item, which is much cheaper than what you get with almost any other type of golf brand.

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