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EZ Go Golf Carts: Guaranteed To Have A Cart That Meets Your Needs

EZ Go golf carts are considered by many to be the best company in the space. With so many vehicles on offer, you're assured to find one that's right for your situation.

When you need high performance from your golf cart, you have to go with a brand that has a ton of options.  Nobody really has more that you can rely on, than EZ Go golf carts.  You’re going to find that they feature just a much more durable construction, in addition to plenty of choice for how you want to use your cart and where.  Plus it’s a name that you can trust to be some of the most competitive in terms of price and quality, that you’ll find anywhere in the country.

But of course, you’re going to have to think about which types of EZ Go golf carts are right for you, as there are actually quite a few models out there.  You need to go with something that’s the right design for the tasks that you’re going to have at hand, as well as what you need your cart to do.  There are those that are ideal for your personal life, golf courses, as well as more industrial uses as well.  You want to be sure that you find just the style that’s made to get the job done, and here are the most common classifications.

1) EZ Go golf carts personal use line.

These are for carts that you would have around the house, for any type of personal use.  Whether you want to be able to drive around your property more easily, if you need a utility vehicle to make it easier to haul items back and forth, or even if you’re looking for a fun car to take quick trips down the street.  There are three different kinds to choose from:

– Freedom RXV

This cart is perfectly made for you to ride around the house and do standard leisure activities.  Perfect for just riding around the house, and making sure that you can get around to do just about anything, even if all you want is a fun vehicle to take around the yard.

– ST Sport

Perfectly manufactured for more heavy and durable use than you would find with the Freedom, this is more your style if you want a working golf cart that’s still able to perform, with the types of tasks you’re going to have to do around the property.

– 2Five

A street legal golf cart that actually ensures that you can drive around the neighborhood.  That means it features everything you need to drive around town, including seatbelts, a souped up motor, full windshield, mirrors, and everything else that could be important.

2) Golf specific EZ Go golf carts.

These are what you want if you’re outfitting a golf course, so that perform all the functions that are so essential to daily operations.  Here are some of the most common carts you’re going to find here:

– Freedom TXT

A classic fleet vehicle, this is just what you want to outfit a course with for standard golf use, and transporting passengers around the course.  This is just like the classic personal type of golf cart, and comes with just the basics.

– MPT 1200

The most ideal type of cart if you’re all about turf maintenance.  What this gets you is easy riding ability so that you can drive right onto the grass without doing damage.  But you’ll also find they have the power to carry dirt and extra turf to get the job done.

– MPT 1200 Refresher

Personally built to be ideal for providing refreshments to those out on the course, this is what you want if you are interested in making a bit of extra money by selling drinks. These will keep your drinks hot or cool while out on the course, so that you can deliver just the types of treats that golfers are going to be looking for, when they come to play a round.

– Golf Shuttle

A great type of custom golf carts made by EZ Go that can seat anywhere from 4 to 8 people depending upon the model.  These are ideally made for transporting groups of golfers for hospitality purposes.  That way, you can take people out in groups from the clubhouse to the first golfing tees, so that they don’t have to walk in order to start playing.

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