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Finding The Perfect Phoenix Golf Packages for Your Vacation

Phoenix is home to some of the best golf courses in the country. Here are some tips and options to consider when it comes to Phoenix golf packages.

Golfing is a sport that just about anyone can do, and is also fantastic for relaxing and getting in some great time in fantastic sunny weather.  There are few places so fantastic for a golfing vacation than Phoenix, Arizona.  But you do need to have a good idea of what to look for, and what to consider when planning your vacation.  There are a lot of Phoenix golf courses that you want to consider, as well as quite a few golfing resorts, so that you can be sure you’re able to make the most out of your vacation. 

That means you have to do some planning, to make sure that you’re able to hit all the Phoenix golf hot spots that are going to ensure you have a good time.   A vacation to remember means that you have to plan for all the courses you want to play, so it’s important you think things through. 

1) Picking the Phoenix golf courses you want to visit the most.

Figuring out which courses you want to see is really important so that you can be sure you’re able to hit all the best ones, and there are going to be a few out there to consider.  

                -Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale

                This is ideal for any fan of the PGA tour, as their Stadium course, although there is also another course called the Champion, to choose from as well.  But no matter the Phoenix golfing experience that you’re looking for, the TCP is going to be a great place to start, because you can play on the same hallowed ground as true golf professionals.  You can find the club online at  

                -Legacy Golf Resort

                A great golfing destination to visit if you’re looking for some history to go with your fantastic golfing experience.  What you’ll find here is an LPGA used course that’s been around since the early 1900s, making it one of the older more classic courses in America.  If you’re interested in golfing on history, you can check out what this Phoenix club has to offer at  

2) Finding the right Phoenix golf resorts and hotels to make your base.

Choosing the right sort of golfing resort or hotel is really important, because you can ensure they are going to have an atmosphere conducive to golfers.  But what you’re also going to find is that they typically work with the courses, so that you can be sure they are within decent traveling distances, but you can also ensure they are going to provide for you all the activities you could want right outside your backdoor. 

Take some of the more popular Phoenix golf resorts like the Royal Palms Resort and Spa for example.  They are actually partnered with the Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale, and will ensure that you’re able to get relaxed as well as golf on a world class course.  That way, you can take a break and relax at the resort, get a massage, and then get out there onto the green feeling better than ever before.  Nothing else is going to prove to be a better stay play golf Phoenix package. 

3) Working on your golf game with Phoenix golf schools.

When you’re in a great golfing hot spot like Phoenix, you want to take advatnage of all the opportunities available to you to improve your golf game as well.  That’s why there are plenty of Phoenix golf schools out there, that can really allow you to home your skills and become that much better of a player in the end.  You just want to figure out where you would like to get your Phoenix golf lessons while you’re there.  Some top schools include: 

                -Hilton Golf Academy

                There you’re able to stay on the resort if you like, and actually attend full day classes that teach you how to get around any elements that you’re going to encounter on a course.  Plus if you’re staying there with a spouse that’s not as big a fan of golfing, there’s a full spa and salon catered round the clock, for your relaxation needs.

                -Vision 54

                This is the most recognized Phoenix golf school, and the one that you really want to attend if you’re looking for golf lessons of any kind.  They feature a unique training method that works on your mental and emotional state while golfing, in addition to your physical swing and other abilities, to make you a more complete golfer.

Any school can be a great way to spend your time, and can be the perfect way to round out your Phoenix golf trip very nicely.

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