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Finding The Right Golf Putting Mat For Fun Or Practice

Whether you want to improve your skills or just need some fun off the course, a golf putting matt is a great way to practice close shots at home.

Looking for the right types of golf training aids can take a lot of thought on your part when you’re looking for ways that you can tone up your game.  You’ll find that shoring up different parts of your game is going to be key when it comes to becoming a better and better golfer in the long run.  This is a sport where practice really is everything, almost more so than just about any other type of sport.  You’ll find that here you’re really punished or rewarded for how much time you put in, and if you’re not really willing to work, then you’re going to find that you’ll never get better.

That’s where you have to be prepared for getting equipment that you can trust like the right type of golf putting mat.  The short game is your key to lowering your score in golf, and if you don’t fine tune that part of your game, you’re going to find that you’re just never going to be able to succeed.  That’s why you have to have just the right golf putting mat for fun, or for practicing your game.

Here are a few of the best top quality mats for either purpose, that are guaranteed to improve your touch when you gently stroke the ball into the hole:

Callaway Golf Executive Putting Mat

This is by far one of the coolest mats out there, but would you really expect anything less of a major golf brand like Callaway?  This may be the best indoor putting mat just for how cool it looks as they replicate the look of an entire hole of golf complete with a tee off zone, fairway, and then the actual small green with hole at the end.  Plus it’s plenty challenging considering you’ve got sand hazards on either side to make sure you have a thin lane.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Return Mat

A more ideal practice tool for inside, as it captures the feel of an authentic green, and even puts the hole up at a bit of an angle so that you have to be deft with your touch if you want to force the ball inside.  You’ll find that these are one of your best choices because they come with three ball hitting markers. You can practice from 7 feet out, 5 feet or 3 so that you can work on different types of shots.

Izzo Kick Back Putting Mat

Looking for a golf putting mat that’s really ideal for practice, but that’s also not a pain when it comes to running back and forth to grab your balls as you hit them?  Then you want to go with an Izzo golf putting mat.  They have special electronic features that ensure the ball will actually be rolled right back to you anytime you get it in the hole, so you can lineup another shot.

Club Champ Putt ‘N Hazard

If you’re looking for a fun and also challenging golf mat, then this is more your style.  What you get here is a more slim lane with hazards a lot like the Callaway type.  But they still come with a  more handy feature, by which even if you land the ball in one of the hazards, they still flow through into the machine so that the ball is automatically returned to you, and you can then strike again.

Izzo 3×9 Putting Mats

This is more what you want if you need some realistic practice on a larger more actual golf style green.  They are bigger and easier for you to use, and you’ll find that they come with three holes, so that you can choose amongst three different targets as well.

Jef World Golf Rough/Fairway Practice Mat

While not exactly a golf putting mat, this can be great to go in conjunction with yours, so that you can practice chipping when you overshoot the green as well.  This will put your ball in the rough stuff, so that you can learn how to gently caress it back onto the green and hopefully into the hole.  That way you can work on being a better all around golfer, which should be the object of any quality golf putting mat anyways.


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