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Five Brands to Consider for Golf Shoes

Who makes the right golf shoes for your needs and budget? Here are the five brands we'd recommend looking into.

Getting kitted out with the proper gear is a general requirement when taking up golf and one of the important pieces of equipment that players need to consider is golf shoes. These are designed to help provide a stable footing and reduce the chances of the feet slipping while swinging a golf club. There are a number of manufacturers that produce these, with some excellent brands available.


Footjoy golf shoes are a popular brand and these are produced for men, women and juniors. One of their most successful products is Footjoy Dryjoys, which are manufactured with a number of excellent features including Extreme Comfort Leather which is a waterproofing system designed to keep the feet dry and comfortable no matter the weather. Other features include full leather linings, fibreglass support bridge and Comfort Plus Fit Beds, designed for cushioned underfoot comfort. As well as being practical, Dryjoys are also stylish, coming in a few different looks and retail for around $170. Footjoy also produce other styles of golf footwear and this provides players with a few options to choose from. They can therefore be a good manufacturer to consider when purchasing golfing footwear.

Adidas Golf

Adidas Golf is another manufacturer that produces a few different styles of golf shoes from which players can choose. Their Adidas Tour360 is a style that gets decent reviews and these are manufactured with technology known as THiNTech, which is considered to enhance the stability of the feet and keep a golfer better balanced while making a swing. These are typically available for around $180 and are produced for men. However, Adidas Golf also produces golf footwear for women and juniors and they have a few different styles to choose from. It can therefore be a good brand to consider to find a quality pair of golfing shoes.

Calloway Golf

Calloway Golf is one of the leading brands in all types of golfing equipment and this is true of golf shoes. They have golfing footwear options for both men and women, with the cost for these ranging from around $70 to $250. The styles available range from traditional looking golf shoes such as the FT Chev Saddle for men to options which look more like athletic shoes, with the Solaire for women being an example of this. Calloway Golf footwear is both practical and stylish and with the options they have available, they can be a good company to consider.


Nike is known for producing a wide variety of athletic wear and this now includes a range of golfing equipment. They have golf footwear available and there are options for men, women and kids. The prices for Nike golf shoes starts around the $60 mark for some of the kids footwear and can rise to around $270 for some of the men’s shoes. Both traditional looking and athletic style shoes for golf are available, with some of the options including the Air Tour Classic, Nike Zoom Advance and the Nike Lunar Links. These are typically manufactured with high quality features and materials and this can make them effective and comfortable shoes to wear while playing golf. 


Ecco is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of shoe styles and this includes golfing footwear.  They produce golf shoes for both men and women with the cost for these ranging from around $130 to $450. One of their mid-priced options is the Comfort Classic Saddle for men which retails for $225. This is manufactured with a number of excellent features including a water repellent upper and a removable leather inlay sole, which is produced using the Ecco Comfort Fiber System. This ensures that feet remain dry and comfortable while playing golf, and with the options they have on offer, Ecco can be a good brand name to consider when purchasing golfing shoes.

A stable stance is a factor in producing a good golf swing and golf shoes are designed to help with this. Wearing them reduces the chances of the feet slipping during a swing and helps to ensure a more secure footing. Golfers should therefore consider wearing them and the brands shown above are some of the well known options on the market. They are considered to be some of the best around and while they are practical footwear, they are also stylish and will look good on the golf course.

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