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Five Great Places to Find Golf Cart Sales

Where can you find golf cart sales online for sizable discounts? We'd suggest looking into these five websites.

While the exercise of walking around a golf course and carrying a bag is something that many people enjoy, others prefer a little assistance to play 18 holes or more. The common method for this is using a golf cart, and this includes push carts for clubs, or motorized carts for driving yourself and your clubs around the course. Whether an individual golfer or a club looking to purchase this type of equipment, there are a variety of great places where golf cart sales can be found.

Golf Cart City Online

For golfers interested in purchasing new or used motorized carts, Golf Cart City Online is a good company to look to. They have equipment available from a few manufacturers and this includes Ez-Go, Yamaha and Club Car carts. The models available include both gas and electric carts, providing a variety of choice for golfers and both standard and custom carts are available. As well as carts themselves, the company also has a wide range of parts available and this includes external body parts and interior parts. They can therefore be a good option to look to for those that need to repair or want to upgrade a cart. Golf Cart City Online also have cart accessories for sale and this includes equipment such as coolers, heaters and rain enclosures.

Plaza Golf Cart Sales

Plaza Golf Carts is another company that has a variety of motorized carts available for purchase. This includes the cart models of a number of manufacturers with some of the options available including Club Car, Fairplay, Bristers and Yamaha. For each manufacturer, new and used carts are typically available, providing a range of options for those looking for this type of equipment. The company also has a wide variety of parts available for those that already have a cart, and they also stock products such as storage buildings and flat bed cart transporters. With the variety of options for cart and accessory sales available they can be a good company to look to.

Valley Carts

Valley Carts have a large inventory of motorized carts available and this includes both new and used carts. Prices start at less than $3,000 for the carts they have available and this includes both electric and gas models. The company also has a variety of parts and accessories available for golf carts and this ranges from light kits to battery parts, and body and trim parts, to name just a few of the options available. These are typically available for models such as Ez-Go and Club Car carts.

Golf Car Depot

Golf Car Depot has facilities in a few locations in Florida and South Carolina, although their products can be shipped across the country for those that are interested in using their motorized golf cart sales.  The company stocks carts and accessories from a number of manufacturers, with a few of these including Ez-Go, Tomberlin and Freedom Golf Carts. They can provide quotes for individual carts, although also sell wholesale for those interested in purchasing a fleet of vehicles. Both new and used carts are available for sale, and the company has both standard and custom models available. With the large inventory of stock that they have from a wide variety of manufacturers, they can be a good company to consider for a suitable cart.

Golf Cart Place

If you are interested in push and pull carts rather than a driven golf cart, then one of the best retailers to look to is Golf Cart Place. They have a wide variety of carts for sale and this includes manual carts, as well as more sophisticated electric and remote controlled models. This includes equipment from manufacturers such as Sun Mountain, Bag Boy, PowaKaddy and Cart-Tek, to name a few and there is a range of options available for those that are interested in this type of golf cart. Models are available for adults as well as juniors and if your preference is for using a golf bag cart while you get some exercise by walking, then Golf Cart Place is an excellent retailer to consider.

Using a cart on the golf course can be an easier and more relaxing way to get from the start to finish of 18 holes, and is something that many people choose to do. There are a variety of locations where golf cart sales can be found, and this includes both push carts and driven carts. The companies shown above are some of those to consider when looking into purchasing a cart and these provide a wide variety of choice for either standard or custom built carts.

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