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Five of the Best Golf Swing Trainers

If you're looking to improve and perfect your technique, these are the five best golf swing trainers on the market.

Having a solid and consistent golf swing is a key part of playing the sport well, and most golfers will spend a lot of time practicing this. While the simplest way of doing this is spending time on the practice range swinging a club, there are also a number of training aids which are designed to improve a golfer’s swing. There are a few of these on the market, and the following are some of the best golf swing trainers to use as a way of improving your game.

Medicus Dual Hinge Golf Club

A Medicus dual hinge golf club is a training aid that is designed to help a golfer learn if they are swinging their clubs in the correct plane and at the correct tempo. There are a few different models to suit different parts of the game and they include a driver, 5-Iron, 7-Iron and Wedge. The design of the club was developed by former tour professional Bob Koch, and the shaft of the club basically has a dual hinge incorporated into it. When the club is swung in the correct plane and tempo the hinge will stay intact through the swing and hitting the ball. However if the hinge breaks during the action of hitting a ball it is an indication that there are problems with the swing. Using a Medicus dual hinge club as a practice aid on a regular basis can help iron out any kinks in your swing and teach you to swing your clubs consistently well. It is used by pros and amateurs alike and can be a useful aid to achieving a good swing.

The Dream Swing Golf Swing Improvement System

The Dream Swing training aid is one of the golf swing trainers that is designed to help you achieve a consistent swing that you can repeat time after time. The training aid comprises a mechanical device that can be adjusted to the size and shape of individual golfers. The device is basically a stand which has a length of material attached to the grip of the club. Once set up, using it correctly effectively forces a golfer to swing on the correct plane and they can therefore repeat the same swing time and time again. This helps the body get used to swinging the club in the correct manner, such that a golfer can then repeat the same swing without the training aid.

SKLZ Gyro Swing Trainer

The SKLZ gyro swing trainer is basically a standard looking driver that has a gyroscope inserted in the club head. When swinging the club, the gyroscope comes into action and helps to keep the club on the correct swing plane and provides an excellent feel for a well grooved swing. By practicing with the gyro swing trainer regularly, your body can get used to swinging a golf club correctly and this can be continued when you pick up your regular clubs. Models for left-handed and right-handed players are available and it can be an effective practice aid to improve your game.

Butch Harman Laser Trainer

Butch Harman is a renowned name in golf teaching and his laser trainer golf swing aid can be useful for those that are looking to improve their game. The laser trainer has two devices, a path laser and plane laser, which basically clip onto your own clubs and used with a graphics mat set on the ground enables you to see the plane and path of your swing. The laser essentially shows the swing in action and helps to pick up on any errors that are being made. It can then be used to adjust the errors and help in achieving a much improved swing. The trainer can be set up anywhere there is room to swing a club and can be used indoors and out. The fact that it can be used with your own clubs, and can be fitted to any club, means you can practice with your own set to help you build a better game.

Perfect Connextion

This is one of the golf swing trainers on the market that is designed to hold your upper body in the correct position, as you make a swing. The Perfect Connextion training aid is basically a small adjustable bar with a cuff on each end. The device is worn by attaching the cuffs to the upper arms with the bar sitting across the chest. This is designed to help place the body in the correct posture when addressing the ball, and keeps the arms and upper body connected to swing the club in a fluid motion. It is a simple training aid to use, although can be effective in producing a solid swing.

Having an effective and consistently good golf swing can help to lower your scores on the course. It can take a lot of practice to achieve this and using a training aid can be a way to help. The golf swing trainers shown above are considered some of the best around and they should be able to help you improve your swing. This should result in an improvement in your game and for this reason they can be good training aids to consider.

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