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Five Top Retailers with Lifted Golf Carts for Sale

Which brands and websites are the best when searching for lifted golf carts for sale? These five, if we must say so.

The standard motorized carts used on a golf course are typically designed to negotiate the easy ground of fairways and paved areas found around a typical course. However, many people want a cart for use on uneven, off-road terrain and it is possible to modify them for this purpose. This is typically done using a lift kit, which raises the suspension, enables larger tires to be fitted and provides extra ground clearance. Custom lifted golf carts for sale, or lift kits to customize a cart have become popular for those that want a cart for purposes such as hunting, farm work or off-road recreation activities, and a number of retailers have these available.

Jakes Lift Kits

One of the top retailers with regard to lift kits and lifted golf carts for sale is Jakes Lift Kits. They produce lift kits for a number of the major golf cart manufacturers and have products available for Ez-Go, Club Car, Yamaha and Fairplay carts. These typically include 3-inch and 6-inch lift kits designed to suit the carts of the different manufacturers. While it is possible to purchase the lift kits separately if you already own a vehicle, the company can also produce custom lifted golf carts. Jakes Golf Carts have the capabilities for producing a range of lifted golf carts and can customize these to the specific requirements of the customer. Whether you are interested in a lift kit for an existing cart of a brand new lifted cart, they can therefore be a good company to look to.

Golf Carts Plus

Club Car is one of the biggest manufacturers of golf carts, and Golf Carts Plus is a retailer that has lifted golf carts for sale from this manufacturer. Based in S.E. Michigan they are a designated supplier of Club Car carts, have a large inventory of these for sale and can custom build lifted carts to the requirements of customers. They use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) lift kits to ensure they are compatible with the carts, and typically use a frame lift to produce a finished lifted vehicle. They also have 22-inch or 23-inch tires available in a few different styles with both aluminum and steel options available. This can provide a cart with a finished lift height of between 7¼ and 7¾ inch.

Adventure Golf Cars

Adventure Golf Cars is based in Fort Worth and are a designated retailer in this area for a number of golf cart manufacturers including Ez-Go, Tomberlin and Fairplay. As part of their operation they offer lifted golf carts for sale, with an example of this being the Ez-Go ST Sport 2+2 model. This comes in both electric and gas models and is capable of seating 4 people. Adventure Golf Cars have the capabilities of modifying this vehicle to suit, and are also capable of customizing other models to the requirements of the purchaser. They can therefore be a decent retailer to look to for lifted golf carts.

CKD Golf Carts

CKD Golf Carts have the capabilities of producing lifted golf carts for a number of different manufacturer’s models and this includes Yamaha, Ez-Go and Club Car. They offer the option of axle, spindle, A-Arm or block lift kits, and depending on the type selected, they can typically raise a cart by between 3 and 6 inches. However, if you want some extra clearance they also have 10-inch and 12-inch lift kits for some Club Car models. Typically CKD Golf Carts produce lifted carts using the owners own cart, and therefore if you have an existing vehicle they can be a good company to consider for customizing this. However they do produce lifted carts from scratch, and based in League City they service the Texas area, as well as further afield.

Golf Carts

For anyone looking at new or used lifted golf carts for sale, a good resource to use is Golf Carts. They provide a service where they can get quotes from local dealers capable of supplying or building a lifted golf cart depending on the exact requirements needed. By entering a few details of what you are looking for and where you live they can find out prices from local dealers in your area for a new or used lifted cart. This can be a simple way to find out the price of purchasing a cart, and with a few quotes provided it can enable you to compare and contrast these to find the best deal available.

If you need a cart capable of traversing rougher terrain, then lifted golf carts for sale are an option to consider. These are typically suited for off-road us purchasing e and can be useful for a range of purposes. The retailers shown above are some of the best available for sourcing and a lifted cart, and these can therefore be good options to consider when in the market for this type of vehicle.

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