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Four Top Golf Simulators to Consider Buying

Shopping around for golf simulators? These four offer the right balance of training and entertainment value.

Golf is a fantastic sport to pursue, but is also one that you have to be patient with because you can’t always get a game in when you want.  Whether it’s due to the weather, or if you just can’t find the time to go all the way out to your local course, golf simulators could be the way to go for your home.  With the right simulators, you can ensure that playing a few rounds feels as realistic as well as accurate as playing on a real course.  Plus there are several models to choose from.

Nowadays golf simulators work off of extremely advanced technology which is capable of reading your swing totally accurately, to give you the perfect representation of how the shot would have gone.  That means by getting the right sort of simulator, you’re going to feel as though you’re really playing, and that’s going to provide you with an experience that anyone can have fun with.  Here are four of the top home golf simulators that you might consider getting for your golfing fun:

1)      Dancin Dogg OptiShot Golf Simulator.

This is one of the best types of golf devices on the market, and ensures that you have the perfect tools for the job when it comes to playing in your home.  They feature an infrared system for actually judging how you swing the club, in addition to how much power would have been put on the ball.  Combined with the associated computer software, and you have one of the top devices that you can use throughout just about any type of home. However, the prices can be a bit high, so this is asking for a bit of an investment on your part.  In fact golf simulator prices on the OptiShot model are typically going to be around $1,000 at best.

But there are some things to know beforehand. Namely, you need a great computer, because this is high end software that won run on just any machine.  Your computer has to have a good graphics card, as well as processor.  But the set also features a constantly freely updated database of the world’s top golf courses, and you can even use your own clubs, so that you really feel like you’re playing all over the world, right from your living room.

2)      Golf Launchpad

These are specially made to work with just about any television setup, or computer setup, so they are much more forgiving if you’re not prepared for the technology aspect of setting up your system.  What’s more, a home golf simulator of this quality can also be setup to your PlayStation 3 even, so you can use it in a home theater room.  Plus, instead of utilizing infra red technology to judge your swing, you hit a realistic tethered ball, that’s made to fly into a small net so that you have no other sound than the club hitting the ball.  This gives you an ultra realistic experience, and ensures you’ll feel as though you’re really golfing.

3)      Full Swing Golf Simulators

These are specially made to deliver for you that true golfing experience like you just wouldn’t believe.  That’s because simulators like these really set the bar for what you can achieve throughout the home.   They come with an actual faux green turf surface so that you actually feel as though you’re standing on real grass.  What’s more, they also feature a full big screen, made to look incredibly realistic as though you’re actually out on a course.

What’s more, they feature full motion sensing technology as well as a small tethered ball that you can hit so that they will really pick up everything and judge your swing accurately.  However, because of all the specialized technology needed to actually make these run, they are also going to cost you.  Most models are going to fall well into the thousands, making the golf simulator prices much too high for many to cope with.

4)      EA Sports Golf Simulator

If you’re just looking for the basics to get you playing at home, you can’t go wring with a simulator system like this.  Patently made to work with Tiger Woods PGA Tour games on either home video game consoles like PS3 or Xbox, or also on the PC, this delivers the most affordable realistic experience  Typically these golf simulator prices only come in at a few hundred dollars, but they are harder to find as they are not highly produced anymore. 

In searching for the right sorts of home simulator for your golfing enjoyment, you also want to pay heed to golf simulator reviews, so that you can find the best model for you.  For that visiting websites like are going to be the perfect way to compare and find the best type to add to your home.  That’s really important, because there are all different types of golf simulators out there, but not all are going to be the right types for you to spend serious money on.

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