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Get A Comfortable Classic Style With Golf Knickers And Plus Fours

Looking to bring back the classic look for a touch of vintage fashion and a homage to the legends of the game? Golf knickers and plus fours can do just that.

Golf clothing is a part of your game that you probably don’t think about that often.  But there are so many great styles to get a unique look, as well as more comfort every time you play a game.  Consider some classic clothing options, that can ensure that you really look your best on the green.  With different fashions like golf knickers, you can really get a vintage look that can really allow you to have some fun with your golfing attire.  Plus there are so many different types, like plaid golf pants, as well as plus fours golf pants, and everything else of the like. 

Plus you’re also going to find that knickers pants are really made to be totally comfortable, because of the unique way that they are constructed.  While they may look a bit more goofy by today’s standards, they can still be fun in a variety of ways because of their unique construction. Men’s knickers come with a fairly similar design, and there are some common facets you’ll notice in any style:

                -Golf knickers are always made to end at the knee.

                The unique thing about men’s knickers is that they are made to ride just at the knee, or just slightly below.  Plus they are also made to have a pretty baggy construction, so that you can ensure they are really going to be comfortable for you to wear.  You’re also going to find that there are all different types of  men’s knickers as well that can be made either with elastic to hug them tight and to create a unique baggy effect, or there are also those that are meant to have more of a folding effect.

                -Golf knickers can also be made to different lengths.

                What you’re going to find with any pair is that they can also be made in the knickerbockers mold, but they can also made to be a bit longer.  With Men’s knickers that stop at the knee you lose a bit of mobility and comfort.  That’s why you can choose from all different types, like plus fours golf pants, which are made just like knickers, but that are also made to go four inches below the knee instead.  This way they are a bit longer, baggier and that much more comfortable.  But you can also find plus twos, or even plus eights as well, if you’re looking for something of a different comfort level.

                -Men’s knickers can also come in all different styles.

                Part of the fun of these types of golf pants, is that they can also come in so many different styles, so that you can find those that are just going to be comfortable for you.  Whether you’re looking for plaid golf pants, or if you’re looking for a more solid color, so that maybe you don’t stand out quite so much.  There are a ton of golf knickers to choose from, to ensure that you can find a style that you’re really going to be able to enjoy.

Of course, because of their now fairly outlandish style, a golf knickers costume might be more your style.  With different types of pants as well as other golf accessories, you can design the perfect type of costume to wear to any golfing party, or even fun Halloween event.  Plus you’ll find that there are a lot of items that can go with your golf knickers costume pants, to ensure that you really have the look of a classic golfer.

For example, think about adding golf caps with your knickers to really complete the look.  That big puffy hat is really going to help you complete the look, and you can find them in so many great styles just like the pants.  You can go with matching plaid, so that the pants and hat combo match perfectly.  Or you can also go really classic with your golf caps, and instead choose  two tone multi colored hats as well.

Don’t forget, no golf knickers costume is really complete without going with some sort of sweater vest as well.  That’s going to complete the look beautifully, and you can choose from all sorts of styles from argyle to solid colors.  What’s more, you can make shopping easy for all of your golf knickers costume needs by looking online through sites like if you’re looking for all the best options on your vintage golfer style.

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