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Get More Exercise On The Course With Golf Push Carts

Golf push carts offer the perfect balance of that extra bit of exercise from hauling bags around without straining your body.

Golf is a fantastic sport to play at just about any age, because you don’t need to be in great physical condition in order to play due to the nature of the game.  There’s not a lot involved physically, and when you ride along a golf cart, you don’t even have to do that much walking.  However, that can also be a problem, because you just don’t get as much exercise as you should when you are younger and healthier.  So why not look into buying golf push carts, so that you can have the best of both worlds?

Getting that easy bit of exercise that you can from just walking the course is so much better for your health in the long run, and it’s actually not that hard and allows you to enjoy your game that much more as well.  What you’re also going to find is that you don’t have to worry about lugging those heavy clubs around either.  With the right type of golf push carts, they do all the work for you, so that you can just enjoy being outdoors, without the hassle of all that weight on your shoulders.  Plus there are a variety of different types of carts, so you can be sure to find one that will be an asset to you:

1) How exactly do golf push carts work?

They are basically tripod style carts that feature three different wheels and a slanted design.  You’re made to actually strap your golf bag to the cart, so that you can more easily roll them around.  That does mean you’ll need a golf cart style bag, as they are easier to strap down to the cart than it will be to use those that are made to be shoulder carried.  You’re also going to find that with golf push carts they feature durable all terrain wheels, so that they can roll over every surface more easily, so it’s simple for you to go anywhere on the course with them.

2) There are also different types of carts.

When browsing any golf push carts reviews, you’re going to be able to find two things.  You’re going to see that there are both manual and electric types of carts.  With manual, you’re responsible for doing everything through pure force, so that’s what’s going to be able to move your cart around the green.  But with an electric style, you can get that little bit of assistance so it’s easier to push, or you can even control them using a remote control, so that you can call your cart over when you’re on the other side of the green.

3) You can even choose your brand.

Whether you consider yourself to be more of a Callaway style of golfer, or if you want cart specific brands that know what they’re doing, including Bag Boy, CaddyTek, or even Sun Mountain.  You’ll find that there are a ton to choose from, but you always want to go with something high quality that you’ve heard of before.  That way, you can be sure better quality materials are used, like more heavy duty metals in the frame, which can be really important.

4) But don’t forget a couple really important features!

One thing that you need every single sort of used golf push carts or new to be able to do, is always going to be having locking mechanisms. You have to have a locking mechanism on the wheels, so that you can hold them in place more easily when you’re grabbing and shuffling clubs, messing around with the pockets, or anything else of the like.  But you also just want to ensure you have an easy to manipulate folding system, so that it’s going to be totally simple and easy for you to fold up the cart and pack them into your car, or even pack them up for simple storage.

5) But how much do golf push carts cost?

This can be a bit of a hurdle, as for all this convenience, they can cost you a hefty sum, in some cases.  For an electric cart you’re going to be looking at roundabouts double the price of a manual push cart.  Usually, for just your more basic types of standard golf push carts you’re going to end up paying just under $200.


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