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Gifts For Golfers: 6 Ideas to Consider

In search of gifts for golfers but unsure about what to get? Here are 6 ideas that any enthusiast of the sport will love.

Coming up with great gift ideas for golfers might sound hard when you’re just sitting and thinking about what’s out there.  But it’s actually not that difficult to find the right type of gift for that person in your life.  No matter who you’re shopping for, there are a wealth of gifts for golfers that are out there designed to make the game more fun, and to ensure that it’s easier and more relaxing to be out on the green.  You just have to come up with that perfect item you know that they are going to enjoy, and that’s going to make golfing so much more fun.

Typically this means you want to consider the different types of top selling golf gift ideas, so that you can choose from something you know that a spouse, or even dad is bound to enjoy.  Here are 6 of the most popular going around this year:

1) Golf Training Aids.

The world of gifts for golfers is a crowded one, and that’s especially true when it comes to training equipment.  But these items can be a lot of fun, and can offer more opportunity for that golfer in your life to practice away from the course as well.  This way, they can keep up on their golf game, and be sure they’re able to keep sharp and in shape.  You can pick from all sorts of devices like drag shoots and weights for clubs to improve swing power.  There are even laser levels that you can buy, so that the correct swing angle can be assessed and practiced.  The sky is really the limit when it comes to great training aids.

2) Electric Caddies.

The days of lugging that heavy bag around the course are in the past, and with an electric caddy like the Stewart X1R, you can be sure that you’re able to just push your clubs around automatically.  Typically most feature remote modes, as well as manual too, so you can find the perfect club after assessing your shot, call the cart, and then send it back away after you find the right tool for the job.  While they are a bit expensive, they are also cool gifts golfers are really going to love.

3) Golf Sunglasses

In the tradition of gifts for golfers that are useful for playing the game, you can never go wrong with a good pair of sunglasses.  Not only is it important to protect your eyes when you’re out on the green, but these glasses can actually up your game.  That’s because they come with a special filter that makes it easier to see the contrast of the ball, as well as the contours of the course, so that you’re actually seeing things much more clearly.  You just have to go with a good name brand like Callaway, Nike or Oakley to find worthy gift ideas for golfers.

4) Radar Golf Ball Finder

Got a golfer in the family who seems to lose more balls than they can seem to get on the green, by a lot?  Try getting them a golf radar, so that they can track their balls wherever they may end up.  Cool gifts golfers appreciate like this assure they’re going to be able to find a ball anywhere, although you do need special balls in order for the radar system to work, which you can find at

5) Golf GPS

In keeping with the tradition of really cool gadgets that you can get as gifts for golfers, nothing really outdoes their expectations like a GPS system.  These are specially made with fantastic readouts that show the entirety of the location of the course that you’re playing on.  This way, they can read just where you are standing at any one time, and can provide you with the exact distance and direction to the hole from that point.

6) Technologically Advanced Golf Clubs

Why use those old clubs that have been sitting around in the family closet for years, when you can come up with such great and cool gifts golfers are bound to love like a good high tech club.  Take the Nike Slingshot Iron for example.  They are specially patented and made with a unique shape that moves the center of gravity behind the club, so you’re able to get maximum force as well as control behind the ball like other clubs just don’t allow.  Few other gifts for golfers are going to be appreciated as much, and you’re bound to get their face to light up with a present like this.

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