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Golf at Night With Glow In The Dark Golf Balls

Glow in the dark golf balls make it easy to enjoy the sport at night. Here are the things you'll need to know if you're interested in them.

Have trouble getting the best tee times that your local golf clubs have to offer, or even any types of tee time at all?  Try playing in the later stages of the day.  By trying to book times for dusk, or anytime near, you can usually get into just about any sort of golf course on the cheap.  But of course, this does cause some problems with your ability to play, because it’s not always particularly easy to see your way around the course, the later it gets.  But that’s where glow in the dark golf balls can come in handy.

There are so many different types of these, and they ensure that you can have a lot of fun playing a course at night, or just in low light conditions.  Really, it’s a matter of choosing the style of ball you want to go with, as well as what’s going to work well enough for when you’re going to be playing a game.  There are three major choices to consider when it comes to balls like these, and those options include:

1) Buy ready made glow in the dark golf balls.

These are balls that are specially made with a coating that stores photons when there is a light source nearby, so that they can be slowly released when there is no light.  This gives off a glowing effect, in which they literally produce a small amount of their own light.  Most typically this forms a green looking effect, with a soft white undertone.  But you can also find balls of just about any type of coloring.  This way, you can be sure that you’re able to find your ball in a no light condition very easily, because they will be easily spotted as they are flying throughout the sky.

However, glowing balls are not the best for low light conditions, as the glowing effect is somewhat limited except for in extreme darkness.  That means you can’t really count on them to provide you with that light up golf ball look that you want, to make it easier to find your ball, unless it’s actually nighttime. 

2) Make your own glow in the dark golf balls.

The problem with ready made balls, is that they are not exactly of the quality that you would find for professional golfers, so they leave something to be desired, in terms of how well they allow you to play the game.  But with glow in the dark paint, you can actually make your own night time golf balls.  All it takes is a ball of your choice, and a really durable bonding paint.  You need to go with a paint that typically features an epoxy of some sort, so that you can ensure it’s able to take the impact of you hitting the ball.

From there, you can literally choose any type of ball that you could want to play with, and be sure that you’re able to do so pretty well.  That means you can choose balls like Titleist, or Nike, whatever you’re really partial to for regular play.  Just remember to keep your coating of paint as thin as possible, so that you can be sure you’re able to get the job done, without losing anything in terms of the flight ability of your ball.

3) Twilight Tracer light up golf balls.

These are balls that are perfect for nighttime play, or that are ideal for low light scenarios, because of the unique way in which they are constructed.  These are balls that literally feature a special type of construction, so that once they are thoroughly whacked, they will light up a few times, making them really easy to see.  This way, you can see them in low light conditions much better than a normal ball, and at nighttime nothing is going to shine more brightly. 

The only problem being that they are not as ideal for nighttime, because the light up effect is really only made to last for a few moments.  They are not meant to stay lit up, otherwise the effect wouldn’t last very long because it would drain the ball’s lighting power pretty quickly, and would make them useless before very long at all.

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