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Golf Ball Display Types Worth Considering

A golf ball display can let your retail items for sale or collectibles shine. Here are several possible option styles on the market.

For those that enjoy playing the game of golf, putting some of their equipment on show can make an impressive display. In most homes, offices and other locations this is more easily done with smaller items and a golf ball display on a desk or mounted on a wall can be an attractive feature. There are a number of display types made specifically for golf balls and the following are a few of the options.

Wall Mounted Display Shelf

One of the simplest ways to display a variety of golf balls is to use a display shelf. These are mounted on a wall in a suitable location and the shelf is manufactured with a number of small dimples into which a golf ball will sit in place. An example of this can be found at the Unfinished Furniture Expo website, with this model being crafted of solid pine. A display shelf can provide an attractive display, and the golf balls are easily placed on this and moved around as required to suit your requirements.

Display Cabinet

For a more professional looking golf ball display, a cabinet can be used. These are typically capable of being wall mounted or free standing, with smaller models displaying a dozen or so balls, although larger models can accommodate much more than this. The cabinets are usually wood manufactured, with a glass panel or doors which keep the balls enclosed and provide them with a little protection. Display cabinets for golf balls can be produced in a variety of shapes and can have other features added such as a small clock or plaque. Many are also designed to hold golf markers, which can add to the overall attraction of the display. Designer Golf Gifts is a place to find a variety of display cabinets for golf balls.

Stacker Golf Ball Display

A stacker golf ball display has the balls stacked in vertical columns rather than held in place behind a glass cover. Usually produced of wood, they basically comprise a frame with a series of slots into which the golf balls can be dropped, one on top of the other. This can provide a different look for a display of golf balls and can make a change from the more usual glass fronted display case.

Special Ball Display Case

Many golfers have a ball that is special to them and this can be one that they made a hole-in-one with, or a golf ball that one of their favorite professional players autographed. A special golf ball display case, which is designed for sitting on a table or desk can be an excellent way to show this. These are typically small glass cases of a size to accommodate one golf ball. In many cases the companies that produce these can also personalize them. This means the case can be decorated to show details of where and when a hole-in-one was achieved or details of a professional golfer. For those that want to put a golf ball on display that holds a special memory, this type of display case can be one of the best ways to do it.

Display Table

A more unusual golf ball display that can make an attractive feature in a room is a display table. This is usually coffee table sized and is fitted with a glass top, below which a selection of golf balls can be displayed. As well as providing a decorative display, this can also be a practical feature to have in a room, which can basically be used as a normal table. An example of this can be found at Golf Ball Display, with it being possible to customize the finished table to suit your requirements.

Those that play the game of golf over a number of years can build a collection of balls that have some meaning to them. Putting these on display is a way to keep them safe and sound, as well as keep a memory of some of your achievements in the game. There are a number of golf ball display types, with some of the common options show above. Any one of these can provide a suitable way to display your collection of golf balls for the benefit of yourself and anyone else that shows an interest.

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