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Golf Belts: Not Just A Tool To Keep Your Pants Up

Golf belts do more than just the obvious; your game might benefit from the firm support they offer.

Buying some new equipment for your favorite sport, like golf, is something that you really have to think about.  Even when it’s something so simple as golf belts, you want to ensure that there are serving a few purposes.  On the one hand, you want to ensure that you have something comfortable that’s going to allow you to play your game as naturally as possible.  But on the other hand you’re also going to find that you still want to have all the style that you would normally expect from a belt.

Not to mention, there a ton of different types of both men’s and women’s golf belts out there, which gives you practically endless opportunity to choose the right one.  That’s why you’re going to want to narrow down your choices to find something that you’re going to be comfortable wearing, but that will also have you playing your best.  By just considering a few different points concerning your golf belt, you’re going to be that much more happy with the product that you choose in the end.

1) Always think about the club standards of the organization in which you play.

This is really important, as you’re going to find different types of golf courses have different regulations.  You’re going to find that at any given course, certain colors and styles can be banned, so you’ll want to avoid these otherwise you can be in violation of dress code.  Some places are pretty strict, and you can end up losing your tee time as a result.

2) Find a type of material that’s going to be comfortable.

There are a lot of different types of belts out there, and you want to go with something that’s going to feel good against your waist.  Whether you’re looking for something classic like leather which can give you that firm, and snug type of feel.  Or you can go with something like mesh as well, if you want something a bit more breathable.

3) Think about the design of your buckle.

This can say a lot about you, and different golf belt buckles are going to present different choices.  Whether you want a large and cool looking obvious buckle.  Or if you want to go classic, with just a standard type of belt loop instead of a big large buckle, there are plenty of options on both sides of the coin.

4) Which type of brand are you fond of?

Are you a bigger fan of Nike golf belts, or are you more looking for something like a belt from Tombstone or Swinger?  There are a lot of golf brands out there, and some of them are actually specific to belts.  But you want to go with a brand that denotes quality, so that you can be sure you won’t end up feeling disappointed in the final product.

5) What type of performance do you need from your belt?

Are you looking for something that enables you to enjoy a more breathable type of enclosure.  That’s where mesh can be great, as it enables you to feel that belt confidence that your pants are held up.  But you are still able to move naturally, and also avoid the heat that a leather strap can have when placed around the waist.  Otherwise, you may want to go with leather that has a bit of give, so that you can enjoy that little bit of extra protection when it comes to the structure of your belt.

6) Always think about size.

Men’s golf belts are made to fit the sizes of certain waists, depending upon their length. You always want to go with those that are a few inches larger than your waist, so that you can ensure that it’s actually going to fit.  Otherwise, you’re going to find that your belt may not fit, and that’s going to be annoying when you’re getting ready right before a tee time.

7) How much are you looking to spend?

You can get a great Nike golf belt for roundabout $30 or so.  But you’ll also find that there are much nicer Italian leather belts that are going to cost double that or even more.  You want to find a comfortable middle ground between style and affordability.  That way, you can choose something that really denotes class, but that also doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase.


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