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Golf Clothes for Women: What Apparel Pieces Are Needed?

Golf clothes for women can take on many forms of apparel on the course. Here's an overview of different forms that may appeal to you.

Golf is a popular sport, partly for the fact that it is pretty much open to anyone that takes an interest. This includes a great many women that enjoy and can play the sport well, and they will typically take an interest in the equipment and apparel that is designed specifically to suit their needs. When it comes to golf clothes for women there is plenty of choice, with the following being some of the common pieces that are available.


Skirts are a common option for women that play golf, and many choose this for a feminine look and to stand them out from the men on the course. Golf skirts lengths can vary from knee length to mini, and they can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Many are now produced in high-tech material such as Dri-fit by Nike, and the benefit of wearing them is that they can leave the legs a little freer and less restricted. For women that prefer a more feminine style, there are plenty of golf skirts available with most of the golf apparel makers producing them.


For women that are not so comfortable in skirts, the alternative is to wear pants, and these can range from a full length style for cooler weather locations to shorts for warmer regions. These need to be practical to wear and not restrict movement too much which can affect the swing, and the best pairs are typically made from good quality material that will stand up well to the demands of walking a golf course. As with skirts, women’s pants for golf typically come in a range of colors and patterns. This means that no matter a women’s taste in clothing, they should be able to find a pair that is both stylish and keeps them comfortable on the course.


When it comes to golf tops there is a huge selection to choose from and this type of golf clothes for women comes in a variety of styles. This includes the standard polo shirt style with sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve options being available depending on a golfer’s preference and the weather they typically play in. Other options can include button shirts, mocks and hoodies. For cooler weather areas, women also have the choice of vests and sweaters which can be worn over a shirt or polo. For a more feminine look there are also a few dresses on the market, with many of these combining the polo type top and golf skirt in one garment. Generally when choosing tops it is important to make sure these are comfortable and do not restrict movement in any way as this can hinder swinging the club


It is generally important for golfers to have some outerwear in their bag and this is no different for women. This is typically wind and waterproof gear, which can be donned when the rain or high winds start. Outerwear generally comprises a lightweight jacket and pants that can easily and quickly be slipped over the top of the other clothes worn. It needs to be fairly loose fitting to ensure it fits easily over other garments and also such that it allows full movement to swing the club when worn.


A common option that many golfers wear is caps, especially in sunnier climates where the glare of the sun can be annoying. This type of golf clothes for women can range from a simple visor style to full baseball style caps, and while it does not need to be worn all the time, having one available can be useful to shade the eyes in sunny weather.


The golf glove is common apparel worn by golfers and is used for a practical purpose. It can help to produce a firmer grip on the club and make it less likely that the club will slip or move due to moisture on the hand. It is therefore a piece of apparel that all women golfers should consider using.

There are a number of manufacturers that produce golf clothes for women, and this provides plenty of choice. When kitting themselves out for the sport, ladies can select from a variety of apparel pieces. Some of the common options are shown above and these serve a practical purpose in keeping a player comfortable, as well as helping them look stylish on the course.

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