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Golf Clothing: What You’ll Need and Where to Find It

Golf clothing goes beyond style, as comfort on the course is a must. Here are the essential apparel forms for any golfer and where to find them.

Whether a professional or amateur player, a golfer needs to get kitted out with the correct equipment and accessories. Golf clothing is a big part of this and most of this has both a stylish and practical purpose. There are various items of wear needed for playing golf and these can be found in a variety of retail stores.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are an important part of a golfers outfit as the design helps to maintain stability through the swing and reduce the chances of feet slipping. They come in a variety of styles, although the spikes on the soles are typically common to all and it is these that help to provide a sure footing. A golf course has a variety of terrain, from grass fairways to thicker rough and sand bunkers, and golf can be played in any weather including the wet when the ground can be slippery. A good pair of golf shoes will provide a solid footing in any conditions and this will help a golfer’s game. Golf shoes can typically be found in various retailers with golf stores such as Calloway Golf being a location where specialists are available to help in choosing the right pair. Other locations to find golf shoes can include sports retailers such as Sports Authority. Prices can start at under $50, although can rise to in excess of $200 for some of the branded golf footwear.

Golf Glove

The golf glove is another important part of the golf clothing used by players. This is worn on the lead hand and serves to provide a better grip between hand and club, as well as providing a little protection for the dominant hand in the swing. They are fairly affordable items, with costs typically starting at less than $10. Golf gloves can typically be found in online retailers such as and also in-store locations such as Dick’s Sporting Goods. These both have gloves available from a number of manufacturers such as Wilson, Adidas and TaylorMade.


Freedom of movement for the legs is important for producing a good golf swing and golf bottoms tend to be looser fitting, so as not to be restrictive. For men longer pants tend to be appropriate, although in warmer climates styles such as Bermuda shorts are worn. Pants, shorts and skirts are typically available for ladies, and the bottoms of golf clothing tend to be colorful, with many patterned styles available. Online retailers such as have a wide range of men’s, ladies and juniors golf bottoms available and can be a good place to look for a range of styles from manufacturers such as Nike, Puma and Calloway. Costs can typically range from around $50 to $150, depending on the style and brand name.


Like bottoms, the tops of golf clothing tend to be looser, to provide freedom of movement and not be restrictive, which could hamper swinging the club. Long and short sleeved Polo style tops are a common choice and these can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Vest style tops are also commonly worn by golfers as an added layer in cooler weather. also has a wide range of golf tops available and manufacturers such as Ben Hogan, Ashworth and Adidas produce a number of attractive styles. Costs typically run from around $50 to $100.


Golf can be played in all weather and an important piece of clothing to have available in a golf bag is some weatherproof outerwear. This is essential when rain starts to fall and can keep a golfer more comfortable when playing in wet weather. Austad’s Golf is a retailer that has a range of wind and rainproof golf outerwear available and this includes both tops and pants from manufacturers such as Under Armour, Ping and Ansai. The cost for these typically starts around the $50 mark and increases to around $200.


Head protection can be important in rain and more importantly in sunny conditions. Golf headwear typically comes as baseball style caps, with the visor providing a little shade for the eyes and the cap keeping the sun off the head. has a wide range of golfing headgear available from manufacturers such as Titleist, Cobra and Mizuno with the cost for these typically being in the $10 to $25 price range.

Golf clothing is a big part of the sport and while designed for style, most is also practical and comfortable to wear while playing. The apparel available can be used to kit out a golfer from head to toe and with the choice available most players will be able to find a style that suits.

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