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Golf Club Clones: Worth the Savings, or a Sham?

Golf club clones are tempting to any golfer on a budget, offering savings as compared to name brand models. Are they just as good as the real thing?

There is a variety of golf equipment required to play the sport and the clubs are obviously a central part of this. There are a number of top manufacturers that produce these, although it can be expensive to buy some of the best brand names clubs on the market. However, for those looking for an alternative to the top golf manufacturers, golf club clones are an option to consider and these are commonly available these days.


Golf club clones are essentially woods and irons that are produced in a similar style to those of the top manufacturers. While some companies will produce inferior clubs that they then try to pass off as a brand name product, this is typically not the case with clone golf clubs. Manufacturers that produce clone irons and woods are not trying to fool consumers into buying clubs that they think are the real thing. Rather, they are trying to use the technology, materials and design features of the top manufacturers to produce clubs that rival the brand name equipment for performance, but can be sold at a lower price which makes them more accessible to the majority of golfers. Clone golf clubs can therefore be a suitable choice for many golfers and for those looking to buy clubs they are an option to consider when looking for individual clubs or a full set.


As the technology and materials typically used in the production of golf club clones is similar to that of the top brand clubs, they typically have a performance which can almost rival these. While the top professionals may be able to tell the difference between clone clubs and the top brand names, that vast majority of amateur players would likely not notice the difference. Good quality clone clubs are therefore typically considered to be good enough for the vast majority of golfers playing the game.


It is obviously important to know the difference between clone golf clubs and standard discount clubs. While most are sold at affordable prices, clone clubs will typically be produced taking into account many of the latest technological advances and with high quality materials. It is therefore important to do a little research to ensure that you are purchasing a good quality clone rather than an inferior copy of a brand name. Some of the manufacturers to look to include Pinemeadow Golf and Gigagolf which are generally considered to be a couple of the top manufacturers of clone clubs.

Cost Saving

Golf club clones are typically a more affordable option for a number of reasons. The research and development used by the top manufacturers to design the latest club technology can be expensive, although once the technology is established it is typically less expensive to reproduce. Top manufacturers also have professionals endorsing their products and have big budgets for advertising and this is generally reflected in the higher prices for their equipment. Clone club manufacturers typically do not have these costs and can therefore produce their clubs at a significant discount to the brand names. The cost savings involved will generally depend on the type of club being purchased, although in some cases savings of up to 80% can be made. This can obviously add up when considering a full bag of golf clubs and for those thinking about taking up golf or those looking to buy a new set, clone clubs can offer a significant reduction in cost when compared to many of the top brand names.

Where to buy

There are a few places which have golf club clones for sale. The manufacturers identified above are obviously places to look and these have internet stores which sell direct to the consumer. There are also a number of other internet stores that have clone golf clubs for sale and some of these include Value Golf Clubs, Redwing Golf and 1stop-golf.

Playing golf can be an expensive business and many people will look for ways to reduce costs. While some golfers like to have brand name equipment in their bag, others will be happy with golf club clones. Clone clubs are typically the more affordable option, although for the vast majority of people they will provide performance which is just as good as the top manufacturer’s equipment. They can, therefore, be a good option to consider for a decent quality set of clubs at a reasonable cost.

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