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Golf Club Labels: Why You Need Them and Where to Buy

Your clubs can easily be left behind or misplaced, and golf club labels serve as a surefire ID tag. Make sure you have them at all times.

If you ever want to see your golf clubs again after you misplace them, you have to have labels attached.  These are handy little slabs of paper that you can slap on any club, and make them easily and quickly identifiable as your own. That way, everyone is going to know that those clubs are yours, so that they can be easily returned to you should anything happen.  However, you do want to be sure that you’re getting the right types of golf club labels, as some are going to work better than others.  There is also quite a bit of information you have to be sure that they include, so that you know you’re going to be able to get your clubs back.

1) In most cases labels are meant to be permanent additions to the club.

Golf club identification labels are supposed to be a semi permanent way of showing for whom they belong, so that you can be sure it’s always easy to see that they are yours.  This way, with durable and long-lasting labels, you can be sure that no amount of bad weather, heavy use, or even moisture is going to take them off.  What’s more, this also protects against theft, because it makes it difficult to impossible to remove your labels so your clubs cannot be resold without someone obviously knowing who they belonged to.

For that reason they typically need to be made from metal, with your name actually pounded into the surface.  Or you can also find those that are made from paper, but that feature a strong durable plastic coating.  This way, you can tape them right to the club so that you know they’re not going anywhere, and so that you know they are going to be easily recognizable to anyone that finds them.

2) Make sure your labels contain all the right information.

Any golf club labels need to feature everything that is required to contact you, so that you can be sure they are going to be easy to return.  You don’t want someone to find your club, but also have to face the hassle of trying to find out where to return them or who the belonged to.  That’s why it’s important that you have them say your full first and last name, but you also want to be sure that they feature your address and phone number as well.

This way, when a club is found you can be contacted immediately, or someone can even choose to have them sent to your house, or can call you to let you know that they’ve been found.  In any case, it makes it as easy as possible for your clubs to be returned by any responsible person that finds them, so you can be sure you’re able to get them back to play again as soon as possible.

3) You can also make or buy your own golf club labels.

With any sorts of golf club identification labels, you’re going to have a few options as to how they are actually made.  You can either buy the tools to make your own, or you can also order them ready made from a label retailer.  Really it just depends upon how quickly you need them or how you would like them to look.  Professionally printed labels are always going to look better, but they are also going to cost you.  But with the right types of printing paper and plastic tape you can actually print off your own on any home printer. 

Otherwise you can visit all sorts of label retailers like even or  Through these types of providers you can find just about any sort of high quality vinyl style label that you need, so that you can be sure they are going to be hard to remove, but also to ensure that they are going to be totally water proof at the same time.  Vinyl is hard to use at home, so it’s usually essential that you order labels like these, but that way its easy to order enough for all of your clubs.  That way, with the right golf club identification labels you can be sure that your clubs are always returned to you in a timely fashion.

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