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Golf for Beginners: How to Start and Succeed at the Sport

Golf for beginners need not be frightening. Follow these steps to learn quickly and work your way into the sport with ease.

While a simple game to understand, there are many skills required to play golf well.  When setting out in the sport, a golfer needs to take many things into consideration to get a good grounding in the skills required, and there are a number of ways this can be done. The following is a few tips about golf for beginners, to set a player on the right track to being successful at the sport.

Try Different Clubs

While buying a top quality set of the latest technologically advanced clubs may be an attractive idea to get started, it can be an expensive mistake if you find the clubs don’t suit. Trying a few different sets can be a more sensible idea, and hiring clubs when first starting out can be a way to do this. This can help get a feel for clubs by different manufacturers and in different styles, to find which is the most comfortable. This will help find a set of clubs that suits you before going to the expense of purchasing a set.

Start with a Half Set

Most newcomers to the game will not benefit from having a full set of golf clubs, as it increases the choice available which can make it more confusing to pick the right club for a shot. Starter sets usually have half the number of clubs of a full set, and this should be enough for most beginners to comfortably play a round of golf. It is also important to buy clubs of the right size for the player. Clubs can be made for men, women and kids and these will vary in the length of the shaft and weight of the club. Choosing a set that is appropriate for the player will benefit their game.

Get Lessons

When considering golf for beginners, an important aspect is that a player learns to swing the club well. Getting some lessons early on can greatly benefit this, as an experienced teacher can instruct in the proper techniques in terms of stance, grip, addressing the ball, the backswing, striking the ball, and following through. While it is possible to learn this yourself, it is more likely that you will pick up bad habits. This can make improving your scores difficult, and once ingrained it can be more difficult to eradicate swing errors. Getting professional instructions when starting out will show the proper techniques for swinging the club, as well as drills for practice to get a solid swing. There are many places that have lessons available and this can range from a half-day session with the professional at a local golf club, to a full program of lessons at a professional golf school or resort.

Work Up to 18-Hole Courses

When starting out it can be sensible to work up to playing a full 18-hole golf course. Spending time at a driving range can let you practice your swing as well as get a feel for the different clubs in the bag. Many areas also have smaller pitch-and-putt and 9-hole course, and these are generally an easier option than playing an 18-hole course. The mental side of golf is important and building up confidence in your abilities is one of the keys to playing the sport well. Hacking your way around a difficult 18-hole course is unlikely to do anything for confidence, and starting out on smaller, easier courses will be an easier introduction to the sport which can let you practice your skills and build some confidence in these.

Practice, Practice

The major key to improving and lowering scores in golf is to practice on a regular basis. Whether this is doing some simple drills in your back garden, swinging clubs on a driving range, or honing your shot-making skills on the course, regularly getting the clubs out and practicing with them will speed up the learning process.

Enjoy the Game

Golf for beginners can be a frustrating experience when the ball does not go where you want it to. However when starting out, bad shots are part and parcel of the game and not getting overly frustrated with these is important. While many people take it seriously, the game is meant to be enjoyed, so relax on the course, take what comes and try and learn for the experience to improve your game. As you get better, the number of bad shots should reduce and make the sport more enjoyable.

Taking up golf can be an enjoyable experience, which gets you outdoors, exercising and having fun. The information above is some details about golf for beginners, and taking note of these should set you up to get a solid grounding in the sport to play well and be successful.

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