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Golf Instruction Video: What Can You Learn and the Best Ones

You can learn a lot to improve your swing and results from a golf instruction video. Here's a look at some of our favorites.

Most golfers, no matter what their level of skill and experience, will continue working on their game as long as they play. While time spent on the golf course and practice range will help with this, it is also possible to continue learning at home. A golf instruction video can be a way to teach yourself the finer points of the sport, and there are a range of tips and techniques that can be learned from this. Some of the best to consider using include the following.

PGA Golf Instruction Videos

The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of America is the organization which runs the professional game and their website can be an excellent location to find golf instruction videos. These can be used to learn a range of skills with the videos arranged in a few different categories. These include fundamentals of the sport, off the tee, short game, putting and bunkers, with each video providing a range of advice and tips on how to get the best out of each part of the game. For the variety of good quality instruction videos available, the PGA website is one of the best places to find instruction videos on golf.

Lessons of a Lifetime – Tom Watson

Tom Watson is one of the greats of the game, and this golf instruction video imparts the knowledge that he has learned during his 40 years at the top of professional golf. The video is around 3 hours long and provides instructions and insights into every aspect of the game from driving off the tee to putting on the green. It includes information about gripping the club, alignment, stance and various swings from full driving to short chipping and specialty shots. The video comes with a booklet which has 44 golf lessons and the full set teaches a range of techniques that can help a golfer improve every facet of their game.

The Eight Step Swing – Jim McLean

For those looking for a golf instruction video that will help them improve their swing, The Eight Step Swing by Jim McLean is one to consider. McLean is the owner of the Jim McLean Golf Schools and he has worked with a variety of tour professionals and amateur players. He is therefore well placed to teach on the intricacies of the golf swing and in this video he breaks this down into eight stages or checkpoints, which when learned can help in producing a sound and repeatable swing. The eight steps can be used to check your own swing and then using the techniques provided this can be worked on and improved. For those aiming to build an effective golf swing to play the game well, this video can help in achieving the ambition.

Women’s Golf Instruction – Donna White

For ladies that play the game this video can be a useful tool in learning the techniques for improving their game. Donna White was a top professional who played on the LPGA tour for many years and this gave her a great insight into the ladies game. The video has around 5 hours of tips and drills on all aspects of the sport, with White providing advice on the lessons she learned to get the best out of the game. Some of the instructions on the video include the fundamentals of the sport, driver education, short game drills and long game drills, all of which can help a lady golfer achieve a more solid and consistent game.

Golf Magazine: Top 100 Teachers – More Power

This video has over 1 hour of lessons from some of the top teachers in the game, most of whom teach the tour professionals of the sport. It provides the amateur player with a variety of lessons and tips on how to add power to their golf game. This can help in hitting the ball further off the tee and fairway. Some of the teachers providing the advice include Mike Malaska, Brian Mogg and Scott Sackett and the video is part of a series which also includes More Up and Downs and More Consistency.

Golf is a sport where continual improvement is the aim of most players. There are a variety of ways in which to do this and watching a golf instruction video is an option to think about. The lessons learned from this can then be worked on at the practice range and on the golf course. The videos shown above are some of the best around and these can teach a golfer a range of techniques to improve all facets of their game.

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