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Golf On the Cheap With Wholesale Golf Balls

Finding wholesale golf balls can save you a substantial amount when it comes to cost per ball. Here are the keys to finding them.

Golf is one of those sports that’s really all about the equipment and a byproduct of that is that it’s extremely expensive for you to play.  You’re going to find that paying the cost associated with things like golf balls, golf clubs and other golf equipment is high enough.  But that doesn’t also factor in the cost of greens fees and tee times, which can also be really high depending upon where you’re playing.  That’s why you want to save money wherever you can. One such way is through wholesale golf balls.

When you’re hunting down cheap golf balls like these, what you’re going to find is that you’re really only paying a fraction of the price that you would be facing otherwise when it comes to your golf equipment.  That’s going to save you a massive amount of money down the line, which is something that no golfer would be opposed to.  Buying wholesale golf balls whenever possible is the best way to ensure you get the equipment you need, but at prices that aren’t going to gouge you, especially if you’re buying in bulk, or you’re just a beginner.

1) So what are wholesale golf balls?

There are a few different answers to this, but basically they are balls that are sold at a lower price for some reason, and that are at the type of price a pro shop would pay to stock them and then resell them.  That means they are balls discounted to factory prices, which is something that most consumers don’t have a chance to pay because of industry markup when buying from a pro shop or golf retailer.  But they can also be used balls as well, and even generic types.  Anything that gets you a discount like this, could be considered wholesale golf balls, as they are saving you money.

2) But you still want to choose the type of balls carefully.

You’re going to find that yes you can go with the generics pretty easily, and that’s going to save you a lot of money down the line.  But with cheap golf balls, it’s best to go used on brands like Titleist or Nike, even if they’ve already been played and could be of questionable quality.  That’s because the big golf brands like these feature ridiculously advanced technology to make your ball more engineered to go in the hole.  Whereas generic brands use the same outdated technology that’s just not found in any quality sports equipment any longer.

3) Finding good quality.

Remember that if you’re expecting to use your wholesale golf balls on the course, you still need them to have good quality design, so it’s important that you inspect them carefully.  Before buying, you want to be sure that these are really of tour quality, so that you can be totally happy with the product once you get out on the green.  That means ensuring they have a good soft outer shell, but a spring tight launch able core.  That combo is a necessity for combining both the short and long elements of your game, and is a must when you will be using your cheap golf balls yourself.

4) Choosing the right ball for the occasion.

Sure going with good quality tour style balls like those is a great idea when purchasing wholesale golf balls, you’re going to find that this can be a great way to outfit yourself with equipment for other purposes as well.  For example, purchasing used balls, or found balls as it were, that are different colors like orange or yellow, is the perfect way to outfit yourself with great training equipment that’s perfect for practicing on the driving range, or ensuring that you have enough balls to get by when you’re just giving them a good whack.

But you’ll also find that getting wholesale golf balls can be a great way to buy promotional items, if you’re looking to advertise a brand or different type of pro shop, with quality equipment golfers are guaranteed to use.  Promotional items are always popular, and the right type is going to be able to get your company’s name out there into the hands of the people for whom your product is developed.

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