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Golf Socks: Qualities to Look for When Shopping

Golf socks are often overlooked, but they definitely play their part in aiding anyone who frequently plays the sport. Here are the qualities one should seek out when buying them.

While they may be one of the less commonly thought about pieces of golfing equipment, golf socks are an item of apparel that can help a golfer remain comfortable while playing. This means that they can be worth investing in, and for those golfers that choose to do so, there are a few qualities to look out for when shopping for them.


Playing a full round of 18 holes can take 4 hours or more to complete and cover a number of miles, with many people walking the entire distance rather than using a cart. This can be a long time to be on your feet and can result in the development of foot aches and pains. Good quality golf socks will generally incorporate padding in the sole, with the aim of this being to protect the feet against the shock and impact experienced during the walk around a golf course. Padding should be included to protect the heel and ball of the foot, as well as the arch. This can help to keep the feet more comfortable and in better shape to allow a player to concentrate on their game.


Golf socks that fit tight to the foot and have some stretch are more likely to stay in place and not rub against the skin. This can reduce the chances of blisters developing and therefore socks that have material such as spandex included in their manufacture are an option to consider. The flexibility of this type of material typically ensures a closer fitting pair of socks which are less likely to move around and bunch, and this can make them more comfortable to wear on the course.

Sweat Wicking Capabilities

Foot discomfort and blisters can also become more likely when feet get wet. Socks for golf that can absorb sweat and wick it away from the skin can therefore be a good choice to reduce moisture build-up. There are a variety of fabrics that can do this, with both natural and man-made options available for this purpose. The moisture wicking capabilities of a pair of socks for golf is therefore a quality to check out before purchasing them.


Walking for a period of time in many weather conditions can cause the feet to heat up, which can be uncomfortable. Having golfing socks that allow for better airflow can therefore allow the feet to breathe and remain a little cooler. A good quality for these types of socks can therefore be breathable material which allows the easy flow of air away from the feet, and this is something to consider when looking into purchasing them.


Golf socks typically come in a variety of lengths to suit the requirements of the player. For those that prefer the no-show style where socks cannot be seen, there are shorter lengths which just cover the foot but do not show above the top of the golf shoe. Many styles are made ankle length, such that they can provide a little protection to the ankle as well as the foot. Longer styles are also available for those that like to wear golf knickers and have their socks on show. While shorter socks are typically plain in style, longer lengths can be colorful and patterned to add a little style to a golfing outfit. There are, therefore, a variety of sock styles available to suit the needs of any golfer.


While there are a number of companies that produce golfing socks, looking to some of the top manufacturers can provide the best equipment, and brand name is something to consider when shopping for them. Some of the companies that are considered to produce good quality socks for golf, with the required qualities to make them perform well, include Kentwool, which produces merino wool golfer’s socks. Others include Thorlos, whose socks are designed with excellent padding and moisture wicking qualities and FootJoy, who pack a lot of technology into their man-made fabric socks to make them effective for playing golf.

Golf socks are a type of apparel that all golfers should consider when kitting themselves out for the sport. With the type of technology that is included in them these days they can be a good choice to help in remaining comfortable during the course of 18 holes. The qualities shown above are some of those to consider when shopping for these, to ensure you have a pair of socks that keeps you relaxed and comfortable to play the game.

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