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Golf Swing Aids: Top Products for Any Golfer

No matter how good you are, you can never stop improving. These golf swing aids can do wonders for your game.

Any golfer that wants to improve their game needs to practice, and getting a solid, technically good swing is something that most players will work to achieve. While spending time simply swinging the club and hitting balls will help with this, there are also a number of golf swings aids designed to help. These range from the affordable to the more costly, and some of the top golf swing aids on the market include the following.

Rick Smith Swing Glove

Many players wear a golf glove, and golf swing aids such as the Rick Smith Swing Glove can therefore be useful. This is fitted with a hinged plate which is designed to guide your hands and wrists to keep them in the optimum position throughout the swing from takeaway to follow through. The glove also helps in other ways by encouraging a softer grip on the club which usually improves a swing and working to correct faults such as flying elbows. For those that are looking to produce a smoother swing, it can be a good choice, and has the advantage that it can be used in practice, but can also be worn on the course while playing a round of golf.

David Leadbetter Swing Setter Pro

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The Swing Setter Pro is a training club with a range of innovative features, that can be used to hit a ball with the aim of teaching a player to better swing a golf club. The grip of the training aid is fitted with small guides, and these help a player position his hands and fingers correctly on the club. This ensures that the hands and wrists are well set up to consistently achieve a solid swing. The device also has a magnetic ball on the shaft which makes a snapping sound when a player makes a good backswing, and a built-in Plane Pointer allows a player to check the angle of plane of the downswing to ensure this is correct, as this can help to avoid slicing the ball. Using the Swing Setter Pro on a regular basis helps a golfer to get a feel for a good swing, such that when they pick up their own clubs they are capable of repeating this.


Keeping the arms and body connected and swinging as one is important to achieve a good golf swing, and the Armaster is an affordable training aid designed to help with this. It is a durable strap, which fits around the biceps to secure the arms to upper body, keeping them in the correct position at ball address, backswing and follow through. It is a simple device to use, and can help to promote a more solid swing. It can cure faults such as over swinging, as well as keep the elbows and forearms in the correct position throughout the swing to improve control and accuracy when striking the ball.

Medicus Dual Hinge Club

This is one of the golf swing aids considered to be at the top of the list of training devices, and is used by amateurs and pros alike. It is a specially designed golf club with a dual hinge fitted into the shaft. When swinging the club correctly the hinge will stay intact, although if there is a fault with the swing the hinge will break, and it can therefore help to identify and cure common faults such as slices and hooks. There are a few different dual hinge clubs available, to practice different parts of the game and these include a driver, 5-Iron, 7-Iron, and L-Wedge. For anyone looking to improve their swing this is one of the best training aids available and can be a good choice to use.

Explanar Golf Training System

This is one of the more expensive golf swing aids on the market, although is considered to be a useful device to help swing improvement. The device is a full size training aid, which comprises a large hoop and power roller. The hoop can be adjusted to suit the correct swing plane for the player’s size and the power roller is essentially a weighted stick which is used in the manner of a golf club by swinging it around the hoop. The hoop guides the Power Roller when swung, such that the muscles of the body learn the correct swing plane, and this can then be repeated when swinging your own clubs. Using the training aid on a regular basis trains and strengthens the muscles used in the golf swing, and can help a player develop a more consistent swing that they can repeat time after time.

Any golfer understands that a solid golf swing is important to play the game well, and regular practice is the way to achieve this. The golf swing aids shown above can help with this, and they are considered to be some of the top training aids to help a golfer work on, and improve, their golf swing.

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