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Golf Towels: 8 Products to Consider

If you're looking for golf towels that are stylish, lightweight, and absorbent, here are 8 products to consider adding to your arsenal.

Golf is a sport that many people enjoy watching and playing, and for those that play there are a variety of accessories needed. One that most golfers have available is golf towels, and these can be useful for a variety of purposes from cleaning a golf ball to drying your hands or the grip of a club. Typically manufactured with a grommet or hanging strap to make them easy to attach to a golf bag, they are commonly available and there are a number of products to choose from. 

Branded Golf Towels

There are many popular brand name companies that produce golf equipment and accessories. Some of these include Calloway, Titleist and Ping, and most people will generally have their own particular favorite. Most of these companies produce towels for golfers with the brand name emblazoned on them and it can be a good way to dress up a golf bag. has a range of branded towels for golfers available, with some of the options available including top golf manufacturers such as TaylorMade and Titleist, as well as sportswear companies such as Nike. The cost for the towels can range from $15 to $25 depending on the size and the brand name.

Personalized Golfing Towels

Many people like to personalize their golfing accessories and this is easily done with golf towels. There are a number of companies that offer the service of producing a towel with a custom message or a golfers name added, with being one of these. They have a few different styles and colors of golfing towels available which can have a customized message, name or initials added, and the cost for these can range from around $12 to $34. These can be used to personalize a golf bag and can be a good choice of gift for a keen golfer. 

Microfiber Towels for Golf

Towels for golf need to be absorbent to enable them to quickly dry hands and golf grips, especially when playing in wet weather. They also need to be durable and hard wearing to cope with a lot of use, and for these reasons microfiber golfer towels have become popular. They are an effective type of golf towel and can be found for sale in a variety of locations. has a premium microfiber golf towel available for around $20, which is available in nine different colors. has more affordable options available with their black microfiber towel with a golf bag clip being available for $10. 

Golfing Towels in Bulk

Towels used by golfers get a lot of use and can become dirty and worn out fairly quickly. Purchasing towels for golf in bulk can therefore be a smart move in terms of getting affordable products., for example, has a variety of bulk golfer towels available with prices starting at less than $3 per towel. Their 11 x 18 inch fingertip towel costs $3.19 per towel for 1-11 pieces, although the price drops to $2.59 per towel when purchasing 144 pieces or greater. 

Blank Towels for Golf

Many people like to have a simple style for their golf bag and accessories, and blank towels for golf are commonly available. These typically come in a single color, with a variety of sizes and styles available. has a premium Terry Velour tri-fold blank golf towel available in 12 different colors, with the cost for this being around $5. Other retailers that sell blank towels for golf include and

College Golfer Towels

College golf is popular and for those that want to show their allegiance to their school there are a number of retailers that have golfing towels with a college logo or name emblazoned on it. is one of these and they have towels with a college logo available for $15 and there are many schools to choose from. Dick’s Sporting Goods is another retailer that has college golfing towels for sale and these start in price at around $15. 

Novelty Towels for Golf

While many take the game of golf extremely seriously, others have a more relaxed attitude towards it. For the latter, a novelty or funny golf towel can be a good addition to a golf bag. has an example of this with the Golfers Crying Towel available at a cost of $15. 

Promotional Golfing Towels

Golf is the sport of business and many executives and managers play. Because of this, golfing accessories are commonly used for advertising purposes and a promotional golfer’s towel is an example of this. These can be produced with the name or logo of a company and used as business gifts. There are a number of companies that can produce these, and this includes, which has Port Authority microfiber towels which can be emblazoned with a company logo for around $3 and which has a versatile towel available for $8 which includes a clip on golf bag towel with a removable Velcro hand towel.

Golf towels are useful accessories for a golfer to have available and most players, whether professional or amateur, will have one clipped to their bag. They are widely available and come in a variety of styles to ensure that most golfers will find one or more to suit their needs on the golf course.

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