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Golf Travel Bags: Why You Need One and Where to Buy

Your clubs and equipment can be overwhelmingly heavy and difficult to lug around. Golf travel bags are your solution, and here's why.

Golf is a sport that many people play and to enjoy the game to its fullest it is important to look after your golf equipment. Keeping golf clubs and other gear in good condition means it is ready for use whenever needed, and golf travel bags can help with this. They come in a variety of styles and there are a few benefits to using these when travelling to play golf. 

Types of golf travel bags

There are a few types of travel bags for golf available, which are useful in different situations. Many people already have a cart bag for their clubs, which they use on the golf course, and travel bags are available in which the cart bag can be placed for transport. These typically come in two different styles. The first is a soft body golf travel bag and this is typically suitable for golfers that do the majority of travelling by car. Soft body bags are generally lighter in weight and easier to store. For those that travel by air or other public transport, a hard body golf travel bag can be more appropriate. In either case it is important to measure a cart bag to ensure that that the golf travel bag is of an appropriate size to accommodate it. For a golfer that does not want two separate bags, there are also all-in-one travel bags for golf available. These can function both as a travel bag for transporting clubs and also as a cart bag on the course, and many people find this a more convenient option.


While golf clubs are fairly robust items, they can get damaged and this is especially so when they are being transported. The main reason for using golf travel bags is to provide clubs with protection from damage while they are being transported. A soft body golf travel bag provides some protection to the clubs, although is typically more suited to situations, such as transport by car, where the bag will not get knocked around too much in transit. Where clubs are being taken on public transport, such as a plane, a hard body case can be more appropriate as it provides the clubs with greater protection. This will help to ensure they do not suffer damage as they are moved around and stored in luggage compartments while in transit.

Ease of Transport

Another benefit of using golf travel bags is ease of transport. A cart bag typically does not cover the top of the clubs and this means they can easily fall out when the bag is lying on its side, which will commonly happen when a bag is being transported. A travel bag for golf completely encloses the clubs and keeps them in place during transport. Travel bags for golf can also have a number of additional pockets and storage areas for other equipment such as golf shoes and apparel, and this allows a range of golf equipment to be stored and transported in one bag, which can be more convenient. Many travel bags for golf come equipped with wheels, making them easier to move around while travelling, and this removes some of the strain which would be experienced if the bag had to be carried.

Sports stores/Specialist golf equipment stores

When looking to purchase golf travel bags they can be found for sale in a variety of locations. Many golf equipment manufacturers that produce travel bags for golf clubs have their own branded stores, and examples of this include companies such as Callaway Golf. They typically have travel bag equipment in the $150 to $300 price range. Many general sports stores also have travel bags for golf available for sale and this includes retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority. They have golf club travel bags available from manufacturers such as Nike, TaylorMade and Golf Guard, with costs typically starting around the $60 mark.

Online Golf Stores

For those that are comfortable with shopping online, there are a number of internet retailers that have travel bags for golf for sale. Examples of this include the Golf Bag Place, Secure Golf Travel and Club Golf. These have a variety of equipment available from many of the top manufacturers, with the cost typically being in the $50 to $300 price range.

For golfers that like to play different courses and travel around a lot to enjoy the sport, golf travel bags are a sensible investment. They provide a convenient place to store and transport golf equipment, will protect it from damage during transit and help to ensure that it arrives at a destination in good condition and ready for use.

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