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Great Ideas For Golf Tournament Prizes That Make Winning Worthwhile

The best way to draw competitive golfers to your competition is via golf tournament prizes. Here are some rewards that participants will surely be drawn to.

Holding a golf tournament is a great move for a local community, and especially local golf courses, when you’re trying to drum up interest and attract a new group of customers.  But it also means that you have to get creative in how you can make sure that the tournament is going to be successful.  A major factor in the types of people that are going to show up for your gathering, is just on the types of golf tournament prizes you’ll be offering up. You have to make sure that you’re offering up something that people are really going to want to compete for.

Attracting top golfers is always hard, but not if you have the right prizes.  Whether it’s just needing to offer enough money, or enough prestige, you’ll find that there’s a delicate balance that you have to strike when it comes to attracting the big names.  So here are some ideas on choosing the right type of golf tournament prizes, so that you can be sure you have a tournament that people are really going to want to win.

1) Make sure that you have all aspects of prizes considered.

This means ensuring that you have the three things that each golfer is going to expect should they actually win any given tournament.  Most typically this is going to include a cash prize, trophy, but also an actual prize of some sort.   It’s really important that you have all three in some capacity, otherwise you really don’t have complete golf tournament prizes that are designed to inspire the competitive attitude

– Cash prize is a necessity.

This is what will attract most golfers, so you want to be sure that you’re able to supply a good amount that you can afford.  But this is mainly what most people will be playing for, as it’s the lump sum that you get when you actually win the tournament. This is how PGA pros would pay the bills, and so is a great first step into making your tournament appealing.

– Coming up with a good trophy always helps.

You want to be sure that you can come up with some type of trophy that’s going to be fun for a golfer to win.  Whether you want to go with something like a miniature statue of a golfer that can be given out as a plaque.  Or even if you want to copy a tradition like those at The Masters in which you can give out a special jacket to acknowledge their achievement.

– Fun prizes are also a massive bonus.

In the major golf tournaments, you’ll also find that it’s not unusual for them to win things like cars in addition to everything else, depending upon who sponsored the tour.  While that’s not always going to be realistic for every tournament, especially smaller ones, it is something to consider including as a part of the package should you win the tournament.

2) Finding sponsors for golf tournament prizes.

Of course, when you need to outfit yourself with golf tournament awards, you need to have the sponsors that can do so for you.  That means you’re going to need to look to the local community for those companies and businesses that are not going to mind putting up money for you to organize the tournament and buy prizes.  This means usually giving them advertisements during the tournament, or saying that the tournament was even presented by a particular company, if you find that they contribute enough money to the cause.

3) Remember, the bigger the prizes, the bigger the golfers that will attend.

Charl Schwartzel earned $1,440,000 for his victory in the Masters tournament, and while you may not be anywhere near to approaching numbers like that, it’s important to note what it takes to attract the big guns.  So if you want to find the golf tournament prizes that are going to step things up and make sure that you’re attracting more than just amateurs, you’re going to have to go big.  If you can’t find the largest money prize option possible, you’re going to find that it will be hard to attract any of the big names that the game has to offer.

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